(Evil Sonic Zare of Nightmare Dream

(Evil Sonic Zare of Nightmare Dream

Dark sonic by myly14-d5rmbxn
Dark Evil Sonic Zare of the Nightmare

Zare Nightmare> Prepare to see your father Sonic become nothing but a nightmare of my power ha ha BabyGreed your father will never see light again He might have tears in his eyes he will be a pack of my army evil you will never win BabyGreed that’s my world out there and when I return it would all be mine again you will see nothing but a nightmare day again on that city My army will rise again to take down the city and everyone should become army of nightmares my monsters will rise and take everybody down more soon

——————————————————————> The one on the bottom

(Evil Sonic Zare of Nightmare Dream> I’m going to tear you apart BabyGreed prepare to be burned the Shreds Mom is not here to protect you ha ha ha ha When I’m finish with you you’re going to be crying when you wake up You will fear my master All of your friends will be soon monsters he might be sleeping in the fossil but he can still haunt you every night And there’s no one can stop the Nightmare You’re going to feel a lot of pain when you wake up you will see a nightmare at your door  you wake up to be a scared little baby whenever you see the sky you will cry and there will be nothing but a fear in your eyes How long can you survive these nightmares Everyday the master is getting very angry he will soon rise again Hail Zare the King of Demon I am your father Sonic The one who took you in as my own if it wasn’t for me you would be dead right now you be in Zare Stomach Oh wait you’re a baby again that makes it easier for him now he’s not going to waste any time for you to grow up Because that’ll make it hard for him to destroy you Baby Greed with when he’s released from the fossil he’s going to come after you and you’re going to be in his stomach going to say this to you I hope you enjoy the fun down his stomach because you’re going to become one of him and then spit you out of his stomach you will be an egg and then you will hatch to become one of him join our army little baby it’s coming soon The master is coming back soon and he will take everyone down and you all become one of us soon ha ha ha ha ha ha ha The world’s going to be nothing but a dark dark graveyard and the sky. will turn red again


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