Dr.Eggman - Sonic Colors - (1)

Total annihilation this egg man seems to be targeting the baby Greed Energy power of the Chaos Emeralds. His dream is finally coming true Robotnik land the ultimate City Where he’ll finally  rule it all. All he needs is that baby to control the world A great power and heat detected in that the baby Have chaos emeralds in him. It looks like an easy challenge to capturing him Time is finally coming for him the dream of this life Robotnik land  he said out with plans to capturing him. There’s a lot of stuff is Plans like the capturing him with cages Eggman has Returned back to City square to hunt down the baby. When will he be hiding that’s his target Baby Greed He is also found a spaceship they can cause a world to be controlled. He’s planning to use that ship as a powerful laser it was ten times Stronger than the colony Ark This laser can freeze a planet Causing the world to be an ice planet. It has seven ice lasers in it needs 7 Chaos Emeralds or the baby He also has a new arrival just trying to take down his plans and tries to destroy his dream. Robotnik land the ultimate City his true dream the somebody called his city nothing but a wasteland. Dr Sheila Called his city nothing but a stinking wasteland Dr Eggman as his target termination. Of Dr. Sheila she is really an enemy to him now the top one he’s planning to terminate her He’s going to put her down on the leash. With >No Mercy< Eggman is found, a special baby hedgehog that is a Prentice to him mostly is mostly his father to him he found the baby unknown on the outskirts on the path to the Apotos – Windmill Isle Night He was leaving that place because he lost the challenge of is Dreams And the other places as well on the ship he saw something fall from the sky More soon


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