Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog Beginning

Sonic The Hedgehog It’s beginning his return of City Square. But would he know the city has changed The city has become more bigger and more wider. there are a lot of stuff around included arena Sonic has said his foot  to take another vacation. but wouldn’t you know it sonic has become a guardian has a new little friend will travel with him for a while as long as Amy allows it. Sonic take to go find him it’s been so long since he’s been back to City Square after that dreadful power against chaos there seems to be trouble in the city has a rival of the past Doom it seems he’s searching for the skulls potions. and the seven Chaos Emeralds. it’s up to Sonic to stop him and his sprite it’ll be by his side not only that Dr Sheila and Dr Egg Man and Metal Sonic up to no good he’s got a lot of enemies. that he’s got to stop and doom planning to release zare from the fossil and awakened him from his slumber. He must not Gather the 7th skulls and the seven Chaos Emeralds it’s up to Sonic to stop them all. and his sprite and his Friends that will be with him.

Sonic The Hedgehog

I can call this the energy of the control of baby greed’s powers. All the blue energy is flowing to sonic.. He controls his power and fate that could happen on that picture that’s how I see it but. it did happen sonic will be something even greater. didn’t know heroes seen before no one can touch he’ll be indefensible. To the galaxy all the heroes will be at his fate. I like to say this if sonic becomes fused with baby greed no one’s ever heard this but sonic would be a mega life form with fused with baby greed only if when he is fused if he’s diffuse Sonic Would be not a mega life form when defused no more baby greed is a mega life form. once fuse your mega life form and the control of him. I call this a DNA  energy flow from baby greed body of energy. DNA flow of the baby chaos emeralds.To in another way I see it.

Sonic Controls

Back Then in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic CD

Sonic retains  some of unleashed moves that are upgraded.

like the Sonic boost. this move was upgraded but only will be upgraded when sonic joins with baby greed.

he has hidden powers to upgrade sonic. These moves are mostly our teamwork

sonic has a big of Aventures with him. And he’s going to have a lot of of stages to go through

stages moves

dancing moves

there will be a battle moves

super race moves

sport moves

racing moves

the jet boosting competition

commander shorts base building. That one is going to be known soon when he reaches it.

this is going to be mostly like building your own base. And trying to destroy the enemy

you will have to choose a team. Which one you should become to build your own base to take the enemy down. commander sure is going take you through the walk of it.

everybody knows passing the goal to win the race.

There’s going to be some new moves for sonic there mostly like hand-to-hand teamwork

and mostly for single buddies on his own.

it’s a crazy ride with so much control. is to switch by

let’s just say whatever stage you heads to the controller panels will switch.

Is like your racing you have to race with a controller on what’s angle you go through. And another one passing the goal controllers will switch to a different mode.

Were going to start with passing the gold mode

The first one passing the gold on the bottom.

Here is a new move and Energy Homing Attack

this is only if you holding baby greed hands. You can both do together and become blazing energy homing attacks.

your balls can turn upside down like circling each other. As you attack the enemy one and two one from the top one from the bottom.

And here’s a new twist. You both can hit each other and your balls will go back from the bottom to the top hitting the enemy from the bottom sonic hitting the enemy from the top and your balls and come back as you grab each other hands again and hit the enemy from the front

your balls will flame up like a ball of fire. As you team up. As teamwork is only can happen if you’re teaming up in the first stage has it.

if there is a big enemy in front of you. You can both grab each of his hands and spin in a circle As a boom array. And charge your selves at the enemy is called a combo attack. That is with the energy homing attack if you come across that enemy. You can also throw your friend to the enemy as a baseball. Don’t worry your friend will come back

Now were are these energy. Flows coming from

how is sonic using these energy special attacks. And getting more upper edge that he usually has

The energy particles are coming from some sort of sprite. That have baby chaos emeralds in him. supporting sonic given him new powers

and faster moves and so much more. They are new moves for sonic to out his lifetime not his lifetime his new games. with this guy is good to have these powers for the rest of his life.

If he teamed up with him. And a special gift. Super. Only if sonic has 50 rings and baby greed got 100 twin rings they will both transform in to super.


☀Next mode

Energy Spin Dash New

We all know the spin Dash was in every single sonic game, but now there is something new for it. This spin Dash will have something special to make it more better and twice is faster. Of the power of the energy. The sonic spin dash will be increased and it will be something glowing from it as he’s doing spin dashing. Sonic will become a rainbow color as he heats up He has to be careful because now the ground will become a whole. If that happens, he will fall through as he increase his spin dashing build up speed beyond loud noise and some energy balls will come out. Of sonic spin dashing it will be circling him and once he releases the spin dashing. He’s going to go so fast through the air or to the grounds or drew the floor way. He could travel to the ground and go up and down drew it out if the energy runs out of color that’s the end of the spinning. It returns back to normal as his original spin dashing in order to keep the energy flowing.

Through the spin dashing sonic has to catch some twin rings or baby greed loses energy. And it can cause baby greed to get very tired. So have at least 50 twin rings in his number. And keep the energy flowing. Because it can drain twin rings he uses a lot of energy. To give to  sonic. Sonic will have two slots rings and twin rings on the screen sonic could see the twin rings and baby Greed can. But if it was only sonic he will not see them there will be hidden if he’s not with baby greed. But just say invisible to the eye. He will be able to see them but they’ll be like invisible


we also are going to equipped with sonic the ring of power of energy.

This ring is very beautiful it is meant to catch twin rings. Sonic will be able to get the real power of energy of more speed

And here’s a new twist. Baby greed will help you dodge tough angles and really hard paths and other crossing moves troubles that comes your way. And he will be mostly a shield in front of you

Against enemies who’s trying to hurt  you. Actually controlling him as your own shield. But it doesn’t hurt him, he chose blocking attacks and everything but it only relies on. Energy using energy from him to protect you enemies can. Attack very fast and a very big and approach a lot  than any other sonic game, there’s got to be like an army, and asked you and it relies on shield to get too hard past and some shortcuts or ways get away from them their armies come from Dr. Eggman, Dr. Sheila, and  in shadows, nemesis of minions, searching for the skulls potions sonic will encounter a lot of enemies coming his way. That he has to watch out for and take down.

Now sonic can dodge on this one. Just press left two times and right two times just like on sonic unleashed.

Now this ring is in some sort of casino. You have to play cards. To get it or pinball. Like just say blackjack any current card match and pinball  nights, pinball sonic and baby greed team party pinball, It’s just like entering the pinball machine all over again. But this time it’s even harder. They will have a nights Christmas, and nights journey pinball, and nights into dreams,  sonic party pinball, Sega’s pinball, sonic and baby greed pinball, and all teams pinball machine, that is for the whole entire crew you have to complete all of them to get the ring. You’re going to be there for a long time. But it will be fun. And you’ll be online with players or off-line and there’s possible a slot machine, there the slot machine will only appear online. And the rest the stuff was not there and you can play against players online. And pinball as well who can stay in the pinball machine with the highest scoring time limit. Sounds fun, let’s move on and there’s a bet machine where. You spin the wheel to get the highest number. And bingo these others will only be online. Off-line will only have the card and pinball. But you will see them say it’s out of order,

ok let move on.

Next, the energy light speed dash.

We know that light speed  dash

that you soar to get rings through paths of different places. To get to the other side. Wherever the rings take you follow the next one.

So we did a new thing to this the Energy Light speed Dash.

With the energy of light speed  dash Sonic Could go faster. Than a Original light speed dash sonic can soar through rings and now new. Twin rings. sonic will soar and glow like. A light fireball this tells you he’s going twice as faster. Then original Light speed Dash

Sonic will hit the rings first and then. Sonic will have to hit the button again to hit the twin rings, whatever comes first sometimes it’s tricky twin rings will go a different way it can lead you in a mysterious path.

Twin rings could go to a place to this mostly filled with energy that is mostly magical. And beautiful

Now the closer you go to a magical place. The energy of baby greed body we’ll start glowing.

He does Glo very bright. You don’t know when he’s going to Glo it just tells you that something is near.

It could be something That could help baby greed get more stronger. Can even lead you to temples

Twin rings are meant to take you to amazing places. like underground, tunnels, and insight temples, that can lead you to the other side

Temples are mint  for baby greed Energy,  hidden power, super Baby greed, power, strength, defense, abilities, soul power,  and awakening new powers, and the power of the baby chaos emerald, if you enter the Temple of the guardians will rise to talk to him.

And they will grant him new powers. But temples are hard to find but there’s one Temple in the.

Jungle of the mystic ruins there is a hidden magical place that’s hidden underground of the Temple. The ones ever found, but is it still there.

Some say that lives a guardian. of the temples that wait for him that supposed to reach him. And that’s baby greed. And he knows something will come one day to destroy the world. the guardians of all temples wait for him. So they sleep for that time that he will come to him or her.

Twin rings are mostly can lead sonic to a hidden place that he will never has gone before. That’s why we are equipped sonic with the chain of destiny, of Energy with that chain he can light speed dash through the twin rings.

Take yourself on the high speed Action of Energy Light Speed Dash. With awesome loop to loop and with some crazy ride that’ll make your head spin.

These Mystikal items will be hidden in some places.

So keep a look out for one.

Ok Next


Sonic Energy Turbo Boost

We all know the Sonic boost.

Now there is a new thing a mystical item to make sonic turbo. For sonic to use energy turbo boost

Sonic will go through some stages. As original boost. Sonic boost. He will find that mystical item. Because without it the enemies will be more faster to killing him, it will come to a point where sonic gets troubled. The machines will be actually stopping him. From boosting and it’s not strong enough to pass them. The machines will encounter you fast to stopping you from boosting. And could possibly catch baby greed. And it could come to sonic being in a dead end. So this mystical item could be in some sort of. Temple or in a ruins place outside of the temple.

The mystical item is called the ruined rock of energy glass cover. This ruined rock piece will go on the bottom of sonic shoes. Connecting to the back of his shoes

This ruined peace is not heavy. If fits on sonic’s back shoes. Is like snapping in the back shoes the thing is. It lights up whenever sonic is in a dark place it glows

Some say it used to be in the rock kingdom.

These pieces came off the Rock people. It was called shredding like when you are getting older. Your skin peels so that’s where that mystical item came from.

Some say the rock people also have energy.

But it’s meant to keep the rock world beautiful.

Maybe that piece came from the guardians of the Rock King soldiers.

So once connected to sonics back shoes, baby. Greed can translate his energy to the rock piece.

Giving sonic turbo speed, but it does drain from the shoes. As long as baby greed gives energy to. Sonics shoes. Sonic can go anywhere with the turbo speed.

Where would be the energy bar.

On the top screen the energy bar will be blue. And will turn red once it reaches the end at the point. The middle point will be yellow. Them the last point black. And then empty.

Sonic niece to least. Use some of  baby greed energy flows. He has to save some if the energy bar goes empty he won’t be able to get to high places. And that leads trouble for sonic to get past places or  destroy armies. Of enemies or bosses use. Less energy to go to high places and. Places that you can get across. But twin rings are also used to restore energy that could be good to restore baby greed energy.

The energy turbo boost can go right through the Army. Like a ball of fire.

It’ll make Sonic look like a speeding bullet.

Would some hundreds of robots scattered.

Use it and go right through the enemy smacking them out of your way. Like a bowling ball with

Sonic Energy Turbo Boost.

It’ll make sonic so fast it be so extreme like a.

Reckon hardball the enemies will go flying  when. You go right through them. destroying unnumbered of enemies with Sonic Energy Turbo Boost.

Can make you look like a hot sonic fireball.

And don’t forget the stunts Sonic and baby greed. Will boost crazy stunts in the sky, making you look like a star sonic and baby greed.

(Sonic Energy Turbo Boost)

Is one for a perfect choice of the game. That makes you look like a bad hedgehog that knows no bounds of enemies. And bosses take yourself to the extreme of sonic and baby greed. Energy turbo boost.


ok next

Team attack

As we all know sonic. Had a tag team on sonic heroes. Where you can switch to another character and a three-way tag and not just sonic heroes

Sonic boom had four-way tag.

So now on this game they will be a six way tag

There will be in a six way tag. Only on sonic’s team

Sonic, tails, knuckles, and Amy adding the sprites  will be six the names are baby greed, and Baby Cabela,

For a six way  stage  for the team

Sonics team will have a great adventure on this one.

You get to go to a lot of armies. To Stop Will knuckles have a blast. Crushing robots. and the rest of them You get a take down a lot a robot that you come across. But the goal is to Crossed the checkpoint and get to the goal. Some stages will require six way team three-way team, two-way, team four-way team, five way  team, or one way team,

when you teamed up with babys there will be some places that sonic can pass the armies has a big block and it leads up to the babys. So sonics has to leave their babys through the tunnel and let the babys. to take out the robots. And opened the door

Don’t worry the babys will not be captured. Because it’s got a spring cage so the robots won’t get attacked by flyers. The path is a big long wall you cant jump to the side of the other area that or. You fall it seems the robots got you here. So you have to leave up your babys to take them out. So in that case baby greed and baby Cabello got to go down there and take those robots out. And they can’t get captured there. If the baby’s look at the top the catchers are trying to get the baby’s. But they can’t because there’s a metal spring that’s protecting them from getting captured. The babys can get captured from the heroes if you’re not careful how you. Take care of them on the stage. You can switch characters in the world. In a six way team yes, you can be a baby leading the team in sonic story mode, but being a baby means danger anywhere. You’re not supposed to be a baby through out the stage because anybody can capture you and it’s it’. Game over and being put to sleep. And that’s the worst thing is being put the sleep.  And it can also cause Sonic to be put to sleep as well. To capture the baby

Team attack is very good and also switching, but Being a baby will be trouble. It’ll also have a warning something is going to get you. You better switch.

Let’s start with two way team special attacks.

Sonic and baby greed. Can form a super attack.

Called blazing hyper wind. You too will form up and create a giant twister attack, making some crazy hyper style attack spin balls attack.

You both would charge at the enemy with all you might. Your bodies. Will  heat up glowing like fire and take them down with one shot. Sonic will glow blue. And baby greed will glow light green as they attack the enemy. As they finished the attack, they both form up as they fall into the sky, landing on the platform safely. While baby greed will come down as a feather. Because he’s got little tiny wings in the back. It’ll take time to get him, probably Sonic have to catch him quickly because. Anything in the sky can catch him, but he could still try to fight off them.

Now the three-way special. Attack sonic and baby greed and tails will make a stronger special attack. Called a tonic wave attack. This attack will make an extreme wave, wind attack I’d a three-way tack, bringing the house down striking the enemy. All the blows they can do as the floor shakes. The enemies are wiped out by the strong wind attack.

Now the four-way special attack

sonic and Baby greed tails knuckles

now the special attack will be called cyber  wind attack. with so many enemies surrounding you.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide there is one special Attack to wipe them all out. And this attack is the same name cyber wind attack. This attack is even brutal, called  typhoon  attack and bring. a release of spiking scratch to the enemy making a typhoon. Attack from the wind brings. A lot of hooks attacks from spinning from a typhoon. Brings the enemy down to its knees. You four charge at the enemy with that attack. bring so many houses down. Your  damages tear them up. It Go right through them destroying enemies. Constantly. As the all become nothing but ashes And nothing but pieces. Of machined everywhere broken taking enemies, no bound once your special move. Is Finish you all come down on the platform safely Once again baby greed still. Coming down like a fetter, but this time there’s three of you. So that will be easy to catch the little one

Baby Greed. Is Very light body. Anyone can pick him up  so that’s why he comes down like a feather, he uses his little wings to control the wind. So he could come down easy. Strong wind can blow him away if he’s not careful how the wind is but when he grows up. his body won’t be light anymore, it’ll probably be heavy as sonics

here we go.

How did baby greed get his wings. I will tell you little about it.

On the other side of the galaxy, it was going to be a holy ritual. it was called the holy Temple was one of the rarest temple in the galaxy.

One of the luckiest temples to be granted to a child. That was the last Temple of the galaxy and other side temples of the galaxy world that bounds to. sonics home.

Insight the Temple was so beautiful it was filled with light, not one shadow in that Temple nothing but gold light there were three people. And one carrying the baby. Baby Greed couldn’t see

And who were these people they were called the holy servants of light

Monks. Of Energy

It’s coming to a point. Where you know. Where he got that energy and wings. And not only that. He scared of the dark. So let’s move on

Because. It was too light, he was simply blind, but the ones that walked in there wasn’t because they were filled with light energy.   Inside the temple live. Statues of soldiers and guardians they’re all lined up beside the walls there was one statute that look like a hedgehog. It was caring a sword, and shield, was the size of sonic  height. The baby turn at the statues he spotted something was strange. He was looking at some of the statues. Until one of them moved. A statue of a hedgehog moved and turned his head at baby greed. His gold eyes. Staring right, at is  eyes. Right at that moment he smiled. And he picked up his sword, and shield, and lifted it in his hands. And pointed it at baby greed and smiled again and one of the statues disappeared that statute that disappeared before his eyes was a legend statue. The other statue were people and there were two more on the other side there were animals. Couldn’t see that there were  complete very bright of gold. You could not  see them and there were completely broken, but one of them had a tail like a Fox. And it said we are heroes understood.

As the monks made it to the end of the Temple. They put the baby in the capsule he was simply couldn’t sit. All he could do is stand because the energy of the holy Temple was lifted him from sitting. The Temple was alive,   it really wanted to grant him great strength and power. He was chosen to become something powerful of energy and something more.

As baby greed was Looking around. At the moment he would look at the statues he could see a little bit of it, but the thing is one of the statues made him see him. And the rest of them. Baby greed eyes became not that much blind anymore. The statue was one of the billions of ultimate legends. They can destroy anything it had the power to destroy the monster. But the thing is he couldn’t leave the holy Temple the statue remained in the Temple and disappeared from there. It was just a statue of someone’s death, it just had his spirit he died a long time ago way back then. Since baby greed was born.

That statue was in the temple was simply waiting for one to arrived to take its place and protect the galaxy.

That statue of the hedgehog’s been there for Ages. Billions zillions of years

never moved waiting for the one supposed to take its place. And it was just a baby that was chosen to protect.

But he’s just young there will be someone to protect him. Before he’s ready to be on his own to save the world.

From the evil monster and the overlord of King of darkness, evil the soldier hedgehog statue was a hedgehog, but not an Orc hedgehog it was like a hedgehog from sonic world but he was proud and happy to be a great Paladin warrior. Of the light Temple.

And the rest of them that followed him. His companions left before him. It was only one remains, and that was him the last statue hedgehog waiting for billions of years and zillions.

For new protector of Light.

The one to destroy evil and darkness.

That falls evil And that is baby greed, he is the light hedgehog that shines the light and feared of darkness braved to destroy it

As baby greed  was inside the capsule. Something happened from the  capsule glass floor. Water started coming up from the capsule glass floor. It was gold of sleeping water

the Water filled all the way up to his face. And he fell asleep in one second.

As he was asleep the servants of light monks. started praying for the little one they were actually singing in a prayer.

and then they said the last word after they finished praying. you are a guardian hero will grow up to be a strong hero and could have a friend on your side. And then the earthquake started the Temple was opening up the Guardian floor a giant light hedgehog orc of light appeared from the grounds Kimi The Guardian of light said’ very loud at the chosen ones here at  last

for many years I’ve been waiting for him. The chosen one to become the next legend. He just a newborn. Very interesting, I sense a great danger to the galaxy I since he doesn’t have the. Power to protect us here it’ll be too late for the people of the galaxy. Here but in life on the other side will start for him. If I’m right, they will be another Temple in another time. Of a jungle call the mystic ruins. A Great Temple of the knuckles far long still exist I’ve Been entering the knuckles dreams telling them something is going to happen to your world. Some of the knuckles gone crazy and told their people what’s going to happen. There people resist to listen, they say it’s crazy it’ll never happen. it was just a dream, but I still fight to find one I need hope to find the person they can come to the time. And rescue this child of light so let us join hands servants. And asked for the Temple its true power to give to this baby.

So the Orc hedgehog light of the Guardian. Granted, baby greed new powers the Temple gave all of its energy flows into the baby’s body. His entire body was glowing like gold. The planet sparked light out of all the planets and it hit closely to the blue planet. the King soldiers couldn’t  imagine how bright the sunlight got  it was so bright, but that was the light coming from the baby the Temple was defenseless. The Temple turned dark after all the energy was transferred to baby greed. In the back something was forming in his back in minutes something came out of his skin it was little tiny wings. The Guardian said its final words before he died >_< oh. You did well servants you served your purpose here. You are now free.

The baby woke up and he didn’t notice he was standing before him. and looking at him, his eyes was different is It was no longer browned. They turn light baby blue. Eyes

the Guardian told the child there is a powerful threat heading to this galaxy we need to get you safely off this Temple of light. my Temple is defenseless this Temple is no longer alive all remains. is us

You are baby greed. You are now a guardian of the galaxy, and world, you will follow your destiny to the future of the blue planet. You are Jeff rope son. Of the satirist of galaxy heroes he goes

There was a time baby greed.

That my Temple was still here. Yes, baby greed there was another light Temple

but it was stronger than minds she fought off very long for a fight against Zare.

he was looking for the baby and that. Is You she sacrificed her time to give me time to get you.

We have another four years. Before you were born

Zare tried to get into the temple. To thinking he was in there it took him 25 hours. To get in there because his father came and hold the door open for him and blocked all the attacks.

what he did. Was afraid of the light that was her last defense, so what he did was poison the place he tried to destroy the temple and cover it with darkness.

she blocked all of his poison he thought of another plan to get her so he did. Zare said’ your light can’t scare me. You shall fear me. Die’ the Guardian said He. Did gave her a poison of shower attacks. He drop a lot of shower balls all over the place. And floor and it covered the whole entire Temple of light  and she screamed with pain. Of darkness attacking her heart on  that day on the

underground Temple of light. were the Guardian sleeps. it was poisoned the light simply disappeared. And it became darkness of the monster  power. the monster has seized  her Temple of light.

The Guardian was cursed. Her tears drop for her grounds she is cursed she is nothing but a statue of Zare power. Zare has captured the Temple it has became the darkness of Temples. There was nothing I can do a lost sight of her voice.

The temples was poisoned with darks slide. She was very strong and not feared of him. But I can say for me don’t estimate a creature-_-!?

Before she used all her might to give me some. Time to find you the monster was still hunting in the Temple for you because the Temple is very big it’ll take a while to find you

probably years that gave me time find you

We didn’t waste any time I send the monks. To find you.

And we found you with Jeff robe. Your father he is your daddy.

He is a good father to protect you. And says his words to something will happen to. You We all pray that nothing happens to you.

Because all is lost. Everyone’s going to target you on the planet, but don’t worry, they’ll be something blue to protect you

But now the monsters on his trail to these planets destroying planets after planets to find you. So now I gotta get you back to Jeff robe I use my teleportation and I finally say goodbye. And can rest in peace we all pray that you will come out a victory to stop in this creature that having to destroy every body, it’s up to you and your friends good luck baby greed. And the rest of your friends. Guardian has teleported baby greed back to Jeff robe, hands asleep, he probably doesn’t remember what happened on that day. And that’s how it happened to be coming the light of energy power. And more secretly of his power and the Silver Wing. The giant orc hedgehog turned to stone. The Guardian and the Temple of light just disappeared

And that’s how he got the powers from the holy light Temple. And his wings plus the chaos emeralds are in him more generation energy. Making them twice as powerful with the chaos emeralds in him Light will always shine on the chaos emeralds, but nobody can recognize his light powers because their normal. Only when he reaches this level of a super will reveal his light powers. P.S

team attack

Four way  blistering white hole attack.

This attack brings the enemy to the whole. When it like a black hole in it sucks the enemy in the whole.

And what comes out is a lot of ashes. It is very strong with damaging attack the heroes tear them apart. Leaving nothing but scrap metal in their tracks.

And they don’t have to move. They bring them to them the wind sucks them in and they destroyed them.

The heros goes right through enemies. Like a tidal wave you can’t even catch. The speed of the attack it’s traveling so fast you cant even see them.

Sonic baby greed tales knuckles and Amy make an astounding attack. Tearing up the Army of the machines, leaving no trace of enemies

but scrap metal this special attack is so strong it can probably tear up a boss in half, however the boss strength is

Only Sonic team can use the special moves. And other team leaders

With incredible special attacks this makes the. Heroes very strong.

Next five way team attack.

The flow of surface Harry Kane attack.

Sonic, baby greed, tails, baby Cabela, and knuckles,

They heroes bring the house down with a credible attack.

Sitting enemies into the sky as they bring that harry kane towards them.

The machine just go right into the sky being destroyed turning to ashes

Sonic, baby greed, tails, baby Cabela, and knuckles,

the team. Making a direct attack tearing them up in the sky using their hands and throwing them everywhere. Making nothing but sand machines

Falling down into the ground what intense. Astounding finishing move high-speed action attack. Awesome finishing move

And they’re going so fast. Tearing them up finishing move. The flow of surface Harry Kane Attack.

They light up. If you can’t see their attacks if you can’t keep up with their attacks The light will show.

Next six way team attack. Saul of wind attack

Sonic, baby greed, tails, baby Cabela, knuckles, and Amy,

Make a serious wind attack

The sale of when attack makes a very striking blow.

Mking a series wind flow bringing the enemies directly into the heroes attacks.

the heroes make tidal wave of attacks with so much wind. Breaking so many machines

sonic makes a windy blade attack, it’s  destroyed enemies in its path. Sonic is surely striking away all he’s got.

Baby greed gives them all the energy to strike those robots in half. Tails comes up on the back behind him.

Knuckles and Amy and baby Cabela come up way in back of tails and sonic and baby greed to get the final blow. Striking the enemy directly into the machines making those robots fly into. Nothing but rain of metal pieces

I say the best team attack special move for the last.

It relies on baby greed.

Baby greed will open a galaxy gate.


All team attack galaxy riff wind, whole attack

It opens up a star up galaxy warm hole

bringing the enemy to the riff warm whole.

Baby greed and sonics on the top of the warm whole sucking them in. It’s more like an energy attack as Baby Cabela uses her psychic powers to transfer her powers to their hands. To control the wormhole. Sonic and baby greed uses her psychic powers to throw the enemies of the machines into the wormhole. Also, her powers.

Our meant to send enemies into her playground trap.

That makes a good strategy for the heros.

Not only that knuckles, Amy,  tails, are knocking the enemy robot. Into the wormhole

they’re going very fast trashing these machines as they’re being. Sucked into the warm whole.

With incredible attacks as Amy uses her hammer. And spins right at the enemy, knocking the enemy into the warm whole.

Tails using his mighty attacks showing no mercy. To the enemy robots knocking the enemies right into the wormhole as well as fast as he goes.

Knuckles showing some awesome punches right at the enemy. As he trashing the garbage machines into the wormhole.

It will last 25 seconds for the warm whole to disappear. And this is an ultimate special team attack for sonic team.

(done here)

More soon tomorrow


In the holy Temple is legend.

Long ago after that destruction of the. Unknown dark creature.

Yes temples are the keys to awakening baby greed powers.

and more the Powerful of super. And something new to be equipped to a super sonic.

The more temples baby greed and sonic fines for him. To be granted new powers. The powers increases everything on him including (supersonic)

Some temples. Asked you to pass a test. Sonic if you want baby greed to be granted new powers. You will have the pastor test. Include bosses, your nightmare fear, race, you even Have to face the most powerful bosses. On the other side of the galaxy temples. The Guardians Will

transport you there from light gears away so have a wonderful flight in space.


Sonic Dance

On a family Dance Move.

It cool Style Dance Move

And Cute Dancing With

Babay Greed and The Team

I want to talk about the dance.

Family Move on

10 Taiyou ga Miteru

Now sonic will have a wonderful vacation. With a wonderful good family dance.

must be the greatest dance he. Ever been to and OSL is the place to be for him.

In the zone of 10th stage

sonic will dance off as a family dance.

Sonic needs to catch the rhythm, of the beat and music,

he needs to move with the music. And the singer

this stage is represents background. Rain for this like dancing in the rain.

Sonic will be in the world of a city. But it’s beautiful the background city will be at a

A wooden floor dock. There will be boats, birds and water going up and down and as it is raining. Baby Greed will enjoyed the rain. Playing in the rain.

this stage is mostly the best you ever been to. And it’s at night the ships are mostly like the one that has big propellers is mostly like the ship that has the bottoms two sides.

But the place is beautiful as the music starts. The hologram will show that you’re in a place like that background.

The rain is beautiful, it’s like it’s raining at night. like original rain, but no thunder only in the harder stage so enjoy the easy one.

The screen will show circles that you have to tap. The more you tap the combos grow in the character start the light up.

The more combos you hit, the better you go and you can enjoy seeing that baby dance.

With you probably say he  so cute you can also turn the camera  and watch him. dance with you   You got remember to keep your eyes on your rhythm if you mess up you have to start again. try make a good combo, try to get the perfect, no mess ups and you will surely get an (ss)

the more combos you get, the more effects will show and people screaming for your name sonic(((((((

remember  be a team of this OSL. And your team will not fail you

the screen will have circles, spinners, sliders, and new fever, and acceleration.

you will see your character dance, the more you combo them. The more you become a star of the OSL

Keep moving the rhythm and stick with the rhythm and also catch the beat.

make sure your characters don’t mess up. Keep your eyes on your character and your combos. You can also move your characters to the left or right

by pressing middle buttons A, Or. D, you could do the zone keyboard or joystick 9, or 10,

You can also sonic. Hold baby greed hand, pick him up piggyback ride, him carry him,  Anywhere  And dance with him be careful. Sonic. Baby greed doesn’t like to be held too long and a dance, but anywhere you can some places he can become cranky, angry, sad, and it can also be in a crying mood, if that happens you will lose the OSL rhythm so remember less holding

Sonic. The people will start show heart. at you Sonic. And Baby Greed

it means you’re about to get a bonus score. From the people keep it up Sonic and Baby Greed. And Amy and Baby Cabela

You can also do a special cute dance. People adore cuteness of a Baby.

And your cool styles of special dances.

You can also make baby greed group which you.

Or you can go with the cute dance with baby greed.

You also get floors of  light flash on you Sonic and also. There will be a star on the floor moving which you with the music.

In the light flashing colors. You get a light people flashing cameras at you sonic

it is wonderful to be at OSL. There will also be smokes from the floor showing your awesome dancer. And a wonderful start to also be firecrckers from the floors giving baby Greed a cute style. More Monday.


Now that is awesome



PC Controller






Energy Homing Attack 3 + 3 + 1 + 3 Forward <Up 3

Jump 4

Sonic Energy Turbo Boost 5

Team attack 6

Energy Spin Dash 2

Go Super Sonic 10

New (((Gold blister))) 10 10

Energy Light Speed Dash 9

hold the child’s hand 1

Baby Piggyback ride 1 + 2

You can do this anytime if he can’t keep up with

Give him a ride or holding by his hands.

Baby Greed love to ride. More Star if you get him one.

He will gain fun and happiness. <SONIC

This’ll make players enjoy. Having Baby Greed The Hedgehog

on sonic back.


New PlayStation ???


New Wii ???


New Dreamcast ?????


New Xbox ????


Pause menu is 1

if you’re using

Energy Homing Attack

it will not pause. Ok

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