Night Enters The Baby Dreams Story Mode

Night Enters The Baby Dreams Story Mode

 Looks like I have an adventure to go to i must stop this monster from destroying his confidence and bravery. will not let this nightmare take over him and make him scared of everything. it’s up to me to stop him And his birthday is coming I will not let him be afraid on his birthday and it’s about to strike Christmas on that day. it’s going to be wonderful traveling on Christmas another aventure just me and the little ones. Is amazing I actually see a baby. be a baby again this is  mysterious? he turn back into a baby again something is not right with the world it something terrible is going to happen to it one day and I’m not going to be there to see it but be destroyed. by everyone’s nightmares But something unknown in the world looks like it’s time for me to be in this world around with Sonic and his friends. maybe I can find out from his dreams. and others there’s something strange about This world it looks like Christmas is going to be attacked by some unknown creature It looks like it’s time for me to enter people’s dreams the little ones that I have a friend called Baby greed looks like he needs my help again. well then let’s go  And save the world and Christmas And stop this unknown creature again. It seems I’m still stuck in the casino machine. everybody thinks I’m not real in the casino machine. back then when I first seen Sonic he was playing pinball with me It was a lot of fun helping him soar into the stars Well then it’s time to go to baby greed dreams in his bedroom And find out what is making baby greed had those nightmares again. Not just baby greed the other 5 babies as well. They have answers I need. is time to go to their dreams and find out what is causing all of this problems to this world Let’s go to the bedroom and open up a doorway to the 5 baby realm of connection
Card Capture Sega The NiGHTS by Allisaer

the christmas is coming it seems a little baby’s birthday is on its way nightmare seems to be struck in his dreams looks like it’s time for me to enter his dreams


I didn’t realise Sonic will return back to the casino you come back to City Square my eyes is on this baby I did tell him if he needs my help I will be there in no time to help him Stop his strongest nightmares that he cannot not control of the little 1 it’s next to sonic the babyGreed


I can’t believe it the little ones at the casino and these next two nights pinball machine where I am there’s something strange about him he’s turning red again poor little guy tears are starting to come out of his eyes there’s something strange he’s not talking it looks like he needs my help again There seems to be a little nightmare after him again looks like it’s up to me to stop him I might find out some answers what is wrong with him  I guess it’s up to me to enter his dreams again Find out what is going on What is very strange he used to be older what happened to him is a baby again maybe all of these Answers will come together when I find out in his dreams What do you know it seems a little baby as picked up a new friend but something is strange with that one too she seems to be active to his problems maybe it be best if she enters the dreams too with me


Baby greed baby room baby Cabelas baby room [1]

The crystal dream world of a fantasy

Forest of the flying wings of a dream of a fantasy

The Pegasus of the Magic Castle fantasy

Miracle of the flying dragons Pegasus Horses fantasy

The rainbow Mountain of the magic world fantasy

Shooting star moonlight garden world fantasy

The ghost round of the secret doorway dark fantasy

The darkness cloud cover of a nightmare dark fantasy

The gate to baby greed dream to the Nightmare Zare

Awaken lights power the infernal fire flame dragon Golden nights evolution and baby Greed Baby Cabelas Fusion of NIGHTS

Reala and Nightmare Zare Dream of Fear [2]


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