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Story Mode Talks

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Sonic Adventure DX- Directors Cut -Sonic's Story- - Part 109:08

Sonic Adventure DX- Directors Cut -Sonic’s Story- – Part 1

there are text in the video that is a story part

I had an idea to can make the game even more real linkable to were it starts.


Story talk is based on where you start work begins.

There is partly a game mode in it and a story mode and you will.

Be able to play the game in cut of the Video You can watch the video.

And where it comes into a game part you will be playing.

What i write in a story is a part 2 the video remember that.

Thsi is ‘<<<<< this is a single quote

This is Said

Putting there two togethere (Said ‘) Will Start a character in a Video Talk in a Story.

It can also be in a game mode video.

But if you don’t see this >Said ‘<

Then the character is’t talking. Somebody else is making the instructions of the talk.

Or he might be instruction a stage to it.

Ok 2 ————————-< this is a line to cut a parts so wherer it hits to cut parts. So

there are text in the video that is a story partwherever it will be come to A story talk is representing a video like. Sonic directors dx

looking for this video for instance. What do you see. In the game video.

And that’s how it’s going to come out like.


But This Game is long in a text Video Storyline.

it will also have text in this game.

However the game plays out it is very long Video Story Game like Sonic DX

And Sonic had a long ways run on that. Game.

And this one is very long. What will be his new adventure for this game.

Now i move the story part to the blog. Because it’s a very long story but it is connected to this game.

And it’s truly the beginning of the game story video game SEGA remember to pick it up there one day if it good.

ok 1 Story Talk  [1]

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  • [[1]]reversed time (Question do you suggest EGGMAN be in Time Revered part. Or Story part here you cut out these parts.

    Do you want cha cha to be in the reversed part you can decide sonic team /SEGA Team.

    you can even cut them out and put them with the story.

    When Sonic Greed has Diffused. They cleaned out blood spill. Of Zare Slime Greed the Hedgehog used time

    control little did he know it cost him to turm back into a baby again. Including his Friend Gaius The Hedgehog.

    Greed The Hedgehog had no choice because the planet was on the seas of blowing up by the power of Zare.

    This is what happened in past 1 Now. That Sonic The hedgehog. And Greed The Hedgehog.  Greed

    diffused and use the time crystal. Turn back Time and the crystal has turn him back into  a baby again and the

    rest of his friends that came to this world. Sonic  has picked up baby greed and carry  baby greed back to

    Amy. Haus as he fell asleep, but would you know Eggman. Appeared in Eggman said ‘I’m not here to fight I’m

    here to take my baby home, he’s my son and I’m taking him home sonic he belongs to me Sonic.’ Said ‘I’m not

    here to take him from you if he wants to go home with you. It’s his choice what do you want to do Baby Gaius.’

    Eggman said. ‘I promise you Baby Gaius The Hedgehog. I won’t treat you as a garbage hedgehog or anything

    else. I would change your diapers, however you like. I won’t use that machine ever again to do it for you.

    Please. I need you>_< I would never do anything to you ever again you are my special little hedgehog!?.’

    Sonic said ‘Special little hedgehog Eggman when did you get on the floor and beg on your knees for your

    baby back!.’ Universe said’ look sonic. I think he really means it sonic I see his tears coming from his eyes.

    He’s become fully attached to him, he loves baby Gaius in true heart, let’s leave them alone and see what

    happens this is Baby Gaius is Father. He is listening to sonic.’ Sonic said’ O.O whoa Eggman this is the first

    Time. I ever see you like this. Baby Gaius’>. Daddy. Eggman said ‘who O.o yes Baby Gaius’ Baby Gaius said

    ‘(。・ˇ_ˇ・。) you are a bad man, but. I cannot change you. I like you how you are (>_<) do want to go home.

    (;´Д`/ With. You)))))))). I missed you daddy!?’ Eggman> Said’ there. There. Let’s. Go home Baby Gaius. I got

    a special surprise waiting for you a welcome home. I got lots of cookies waiting for you at the Ship’!? Baby

    Gaius said’ (*≧∇≦*) cookies)))))))))))))). I love cookies))))!?’ Eggman said’. Next time suckers we got a big

    plan that will bring something burning. Next time suckers prepare yourself because this time my plan will not

    fail!.’  Baby Gaius> yeah suckers. Next time Sonic. We will beat you i’m going to mess you up’ sonic. When. I

    get my hands on you!.’ Eggman said ‘that’s my boy who said that.’!? Baby Gaius said ‘ha ha ha ha’!? Eggman

    said ‘ha ha bye.  You  dumb loser’ Baby Gaius  said ‘yea loser’ Sonic said ‘those two are mostly a like and i

    hate to beat up a diaper that come from a rotten baby. ^_^ will. not yours Baby Greed Baby Greed>

    ^_^ (-^〇^-) ( ̄- ̄) zzz Commander Shortsg said ‘Sonic catch. You later guys Thank You Sonic You Really Save the world

    and your baby too. I Return Back to my Ship You can Keep the Key Card to get access to the

    base in the Mystic Ruins. I want you to come down to the City Square sonic and your baby too. Going to

    reward you the Metal of Heroes. Please be there tomorrow Sonic’. Sonic said ‘yes. I’ll be there Commander

    Short.’ Commander Shorts said ‘(-_^) you are wonderful Hero sonic. And that baby too. There is the. Ship it’s

    time for me to go. ? Sand from Zare sand? Anyway Farewell. Sonic until we meet again Sonic The hedgehog

    take care of your baby.’ Sonic said’ I will do that’ Baby Star The Rabbit said ‘hey Sonic. Wait, what are we

    going to do with these 2 baby Baby Greed and Baby Cabela’ Universe said ‘Sonic we can’t leave them here.

    Somebody got to take care of them’ Amy said sonic’ Sonic said ‘Amy’ Amy said ‘ the world has been turned

    back to normal’ Sonic said ‘Me and greed Just Stop That Crazy monster zare. But that Monster just fell in the

    Core Slice the Planet in half. We were on the edge of doom.’ Amy said ‘Sonic why didn’t the planet blow up. It

    was supposed to blow up if it was cut in half.’ Sonic said ‘that is very strange. I don’t know. But. I did hear

    commander shorts say the planet was frozen. ??’ Amy said ‘you suppose the monster fell in Core and Frosted

    it.’ Sonic said ‘i don’t know we left before that happens, but he did turn to send when he was burning’ Amy said

    ‘Very Strange sight Sonic Wow You got a baby. Sonic how dare you cheat on me’ Sonic said ‘here we go

    again’ Amy said ‘you found another Hedgehog and you cheat on me. How dare you sonic’ Sonic said

    ‘Amy)))))) Amy)))))) didn’t cheat on you))))))) this is Baby Greed!’ Amy said ‘you me this Baby Greed what

    happened to him. He’s a baby again’ Sonic said ‘The time crystal Reversed his Body. I think the Chaos in him

    were also affected.’ Amy said ‘that means The Energy Master Chaos Emeralds where Reversed. They’re

    weak again. It will Cause him to have those Problems again every week nights of the baby chaos Emeralds.’

    Sonic said ‘what can we do to sue his pain in him.’ Amy said ‘I don’t know’ Sonic said ‘give me the baby’

    Sonic said ‘Hey i one to spend time with him.’ Amy said ‘I Know Sonic the guy needs his beauty sleep, it’s

    time to take him home and put him to bed in his crib.’ Baby Greed said ‘(oдolll)’ Amy said ‘and he destroy that

    monster is time for him to be put to bed in the crib., Baby Greed said ‘(>_<)… Amy said ‘what is that o_o oh no

    the baby. I said something he didn’t like.’ Sonic said ‘you did Amy.’ Amy said ‘o_o; oh no.’ Baby Greed said

    ‘(:´Д`) WAAAAAHHH!!)))))’ Sonic said ‘I think you need to give them back to me. You are a spoiled parent

    Amy.’ Amy said ‘What’))))))-\- a Spoil Parent. You’re in for Sonic. I will tear you apart!.’ Sonic said -\- not if you

    got baby crying in your hands.’ Amy said ‘O_o’ oh’ Sonic said ‘what are you going to do Amy said ‘-_-‘

    Nothing Sonic. I’m going home and putting him to bed. Baby Greed>(T-T) waaa waahh!!

    Sonic said ‘oh man. There she goes I got to hang around Amy’s House again. In the City Square. Well, I can

    use the vacation in City Square again.’ Baby Star the rabbit said ‘Sonic did you forget something.’that two

    babys’ Sonic> <.<‘ Star she took the two babys for me.’ Baby Star said ‘oh. I didn’t see that. Where are they’

    Sonic said ‘star are you feeling alright, you look smaller now. Star I one to tell you Star. You look like a 4 year

    old rabbit.’ Baby Star The Rabbit> that’s impossible I can’t be 4 years old. I’m 12 years old.’ Universe said

    ‘Star I think Sonic could be right on this. You do look a little bit more younger here look at the mirror.’ Star said ‘ oh

    no-no)))))))))))))))) I can’t believe this. I even got passions to crying. Again (T-T)’ Universe said ‘that Crystal

    reverse everyone it’s. Ok star the Monster is dead. And he’s not coming back.’ Sonic let take baby star to

    Amy’s house and put him to bed too’ baby star’ -\- you wouldn do that I have rights to!’ Universe said ‘ <.< oh

    really’ baby star said>;_;< ‘ please don’t have that granny face i don’t want to go to bed. I’m just a bunny rabbit

    wahhh!!’ Universe said ok star i was just kidding stop crying your so loud’. Baby star thank you Universe’

    Universe said’ anyway, sonic thank you for saving the world. And baby greed you two are really are heroes.

    For Tails and knuckles protecting the master emerald from that monster Zare. They are really are heroes as

    well. And ask for Amy, shadow and silver taking on the max robot invasion of the planet to protect the planet.

    There are also heroes of space. Thank you all for keeping the world clean and galaxy. Sonic Let Go To Amy

    House I like to take a rest there if you wouldn’t mind sonic.’ Sonic said ‘not at all. your welcome to sleep there if

    you like’ Universe said thanks sonic’ Baby star said yeah sleep over ^-^!?’ Soinc said then ‘Lett Goooooo

    universe’ Baby star said ‘^-^!?’

    Baby Greed is not happy to be back in the crib. Baby Greed said ‘-\- h g jk’ Baby Cabela said ‘you don’t have to speak Baby

    talk if you’re around me. Greed I got powers that you can speak normal like. I can if you’re around me. So speak normal you

    dumb baby.’ Baby Greed said ‘o_o-_- I’m sorry I thought they will keep the promise not to put me in a crib.’

    Baby Cabela said ‘you think an adult going to keep the promise.’ Baby Greed said ‘well, yes.’ Baby Cabela said ‘you dumb baby. No

    They would just say that to get it in your head. (T-T) Look What happened to me. I’m a baby again. And I don’t like being in this

    crib to. I feel the same way you do. Why do I cry-;_;-. Adults don’t cry at this age whhhhaaaa!!’ Baby Greed> it ok Cabela baby

    cry at this age and we can’t control that.’ Baby Cabela said ‘ yeah can’t control that you dumb baby. Look what you did to us.

    You turn this all back into babys. And I don’t want to be a baby, I want to be myself again adult.’

    I thought this was all a joke I thought you were not going to go through that process.

    We could have saved the world our way.’

    Baby Greed said ‘no cabela. The world was dying. There was nothing left but volcanoes slime and goo. Zombies roaming the

    cities and worlds. And I know that the max were going to take over the world. And blow up in contact with the ice melts. The

    water was poisoned with slime and goo. When I entered Green Hill hike. It was completely dead with slime with goo in the

    water it was nasty. It was complete done it was windy. Like a nightmare as I try to get to city square. It was completely

    deserted a ghost town with monsters. It was a wasteland. But the thing is shadow appeared when. I got there

    he was looking for a challenge. I don’t know how he found me

    I think he was mad when I punched him a few times in the face. I only punched him in the face because he was

    putting lies in my head. Saying, I will never defeat this monster he kept calling me, you’re a scared little baby.

    that I know that you never go up there and fight him.

    But he was wrong i did go up there and fight him.’ Baby Cabela said ‘ what happened to shadow. Did he hurt you.’

    Baby Greed said ‘ No, I tried to avoid a fight from him. But he was blocking the way to the entrance to the monster.

    shadow wouldn’t back down from a fight. He had his eyes totally on me he was mad he was in rage of a target on me.

    I tried to reason with him, but he wouldn’t listen he simply attack me as soon as i started talking. I had no choice but to

    Fight him. I simply beat him up and knock them out he fell on the ground knocked out asleep.

    I did tell him if he finds me, you won’t be able to fight. Me anymore, Baby Cabela said ‘ why is that. Baby Greed said’

    It’s because I’m a baby again, he can’t touch a baby.’ Baby Cabela said ‘ oh’ Baby Greed said ‘he’s got a long time before.

    He can get that challenge again, but I did make it to the monster and guess who was there.

    Baby Cabela said’ who was there.’ Baby Greed said’ you don’t no. Ok Sonic the Hedgehog and he had all the

    fusion crystals all 25 crystals so it was me and sonic fuse and became ultimate legend. That no one seen before.

    Sonic said ‘this is your fight you have to take him down on your own.

    That was the first time he told me that. I felt a memory come through my head.

    I vision my childhood with my family and the time they save me including sonic.

    Then a rage came through my head, I said to myself they protect me and saved my life.

    From EggMan, Dr. Sheila, Zare Monsters, Nightmare Dreams, Nightmare Zare all of those villains that was after me.

    Thank you all for protecting. Me now it’s my turn to save you all fromthis monster from destroying

    Our world, it will stop so I called him. >_< -\- Zare )))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I fought him and beat him. He fell off the cliff and froze himself.

    Because he didn’t want to lose against me. I Was so close to destroy him in saving the world but he got away.

    I try to get back to the mystic ruins and that’s how it all happened. -_- Cabela I had no other choice the planet was about to blow.

    we would have died (T-T) I don’t go bob bob g nj Baby Cabela said ‘Greed’ Baby Greed said ‘o hf gg’ Baby

    Cabela said ‘Greed’ Baby Greed said ‘gjjghjg’ Baby Cabela said ‘Greed))))))))))))))))’ Baby Greed said ‘

    (;_;)’ Baby Cabela said ‘-_-get closer to me. You’re speaking baby talk again.’ Baby Greed said ‘oh. Sorry’

    Baby Cabela said ‘I don’t care what happens to us as long as we’re ok. I will follow you to the end of your

    adventures with you there is so Much to see out there with Sonic. And You. I Love to travel with him and see so

    much things that he sees it’s. A wonderful night in the moon is shining in are window’ Baby greed said ‘yes it is

    Beautful. Why are you holding my hand!?’ Cabela said’ I want to share the moments together so when we

    grow up again we will Remember this Moment do you feel the same way greed!?’ Baby Greed said’………..(・_・)

    (^-^) Yes I do!?’ Baby Cabela said ‘(・_・) :-)!?’ Baby Greed said ‘(.>_<.) Owl my back itches.’ Baby Cabela said ‘ what’s wrong’ baby greed said ‘my back of my pajamas itches.

    You won’t mind scratching my back.

    Baby Cabela said ‘ your back. Scratch it your own self. You got hands you know.’ Baby greed said ‘ but I can’t,

    I used to but my hands are smaller now and I can’t reach my back.

    Can you scratch it one time. At leas.t Baby Cabela said ‘well okay.

    Where do I scratch at.’ baby greed said ‘in the middle.’ Baby Cabela said ‘wait I see something in your back.

    Wow O_O something came out of your back. What our day

    Weight there glowing yellow and they smell like the holy Temple smell have you been in a ritual of the holy

    Temple power.’

    Baby greed said ‘what are you talking about. What holy Temple.’

    Baby Cabela said ‘wait a minute, wait of minute. You never heard of the holy Temple. That means someone took you there. When you were a baby. You are a

    lucky baby you. Must be the luckiest baby in the entire galaxy. To be granted great powers of light, but why can

    I see them. When you’re fighting. Weight your hair covers the light powers, no wonder no one can see them.

    And sonic doesn’t know you have them because it’s hiding behind your hair and this means you’re truly are a

    galaxy writer of space. The thing, is where is your spaceport. Weight I remember now. -_- It’s all gone.

    Ashley told me and you Zare destroyed all the planets that are family owned. All of our people were destroyed by him.

    All of the objects. Everything that we owned is gone, we

    Now wait with some friends of a family that they said they would take care of us Amy. Thank you’ baby greed said’

    What are you talking about I’m way off the road here.

    Baby Cabela said -\-! You really wasn’t listening’ baby greed said ‘know I wasn’t. I playing with The SEGA


    I like this music sonic unleashed. This Music is very good how they host it.’ Baby Cabela said’ baby greed

    look behind you. Hope you. Like this’ baby greed said ‘ ouch. What was that for.

    Baby Cabela said ‘for having a dumb brain.

    A few minutes later baby greed said ‘ cabela. I

    ‘m sorry about your people that you lost I was listening a little.

    It’s just I don’t want to hear my family, my real family.

    I’m trying to forget them is because I don’t want to cry in this room if I heard my real daddy, I don’t know how

    long I will stop crying I probably be like a baby won’t stop crying. Please don’t mention that one it really hurts to

    hear my father died.

    Baby Cabela said ‘oh greed. Don’t feel that way we all have to say good bye’s sooner or later. We always

    have to remember them, it’s hard. I don’t know how to put it

    Baby greed said ‘then don’t say anything at all.’

    Baby Cabela said, ‘but O_O woe don’t cry baby greed we. Could talk, about something else.’

    Another few minutes later baby Cabela said ‘ baby greed why are we in a baby crib’

    baby Greed said ‘ I don’t know, it’s probably because Amy doesn’t want us to be outside. And she’s very

    protective for baby like us.

    Even if we are adults inside. We’re still babys and we have to follow her rules.’

    Baby Cabela said ‘ What if I don’t want to follow rules’

    baby greed said ‘ I don’t know you probably get in trouble.

    You probably won’t be fed or changed or anything from her again.’

    Baby Cabela said ‘ oh’ Baby Greed said’ I wish I could see the stars up there it’s so beautiful ‘

    Baby cabela said ‘ come with me baby greed.

    i want to take you somewhere with me.’

    Baby greed said where are we going.’ Baby Cabela said ‘up to the stars’.


    Baby Cabela said ‘Let’s go to space’ Baby Greed said ‘But i can’t breathe in space.’ Baby Cabela said ‘^_^ yes you can breathe. In space baby greed don’t you no your galaxy hero.’ Baby Greed said ‘well yes someone told me i will the galaxy baby.’ baby cabela said ‘then you can breathe in space’ baby greed said ‘what about you’ baby cabela i can breathe to i would ask if i didn’t’ baby greed said ‘oh good point’ Baby Cabela said ‘Let Goo’

    [[2]] ^_^ Take my hand Greed’ Baby Greed said ‘ wowi’m flying’ Baby Cabela said ‘satirist wing energy is reacting to my psychic energy.

    Look at your back your wings flapping.’!?^-^ Baby Greed <.< wow my wing are flapping.

    Baby Cabela said’ you want to see the stars let me show you how beautiful it is up there.

    take my hand. and we’re going. ‘

    Baby Greed said ‘ wow we’re flying be on our beds

    ^-^ yes I will I want to see. what up there.

    Baby Cabela said’ don’t worry galaxy baby can breathe in space.

    Now don’t let go my hands. your wings are not strong enough to fly in this sky.’

    Baby Greed said what about you.’

    Baby Cabela don’t worry. I have the strength to go up there. Even pass the gravity.

    Now don’t let go. I’m bout to use all my energy. To go up there’

    Baby Greed said how do we get back home. if

    we’re going up there.

    Baby Cabela that’s easy i will place a teleport niesces and. the bed

    if we can’t find are way home. I will snap my fngers and we’ll both teleport home together.

    So. Let gooo’ Baby greed said ‘ahhh O_O>_<(((‘

    Baby Cabela said ‘ Greed Open your eyes and look were we are.’

    Baby Greed said ‘it it it’

    Baby Cabela said ‘beautiful.’

    Baby Greed said ‘yes is that the planet in front of us.’

    Baby Cabela said ‘ yes is ^-^ it cool is it’

    Earth and sun-900x953.png-957979

    Baby Greed ‘yes it is it’s so big in front of us Cabela.

    Baby Cabela said’ you can let go of me now if you like Greed.’

    your wings are formative to the space line.

    Go on greed Let go of me are you scared of space. Baby greed said ‘no I’m not.’

    Baby greed lets go of Cabela.

    Then baby Cabela said ‘ this space feels so good this wind is nothing but an air to me..

    How do you feel in space.’ baby greed said ‘I feel no wind blowing at me, I feel no air and I’m not hot I’m simply normal.’

    Baby Cabelas said ‘ there’s no heat  be on our bodies. We don’t feel heat  here.

    Do you want to play with me greed. Tag race beyond the stars like you want to see

    If you beat me in a space race around the planet, I will scratch your back wings if you like.

    So you won’t feel it ching anymore. Anytime you want I will scratch a little back  and I know you want that.

    Because your wings  always giving you  it ching  in your back pajamas covering that. I can always unzip it and scratch your back

    What do you  say greed.’

    Baby greed said ‘well, I can use a scratch be on my back. What It seemed like a fair enough deal, but what if I lose.

    Baby Cabela said’ then you scratch my back.’ baby greed said’  grows scratch a. Girl back.’ grows, grows. Grows’

    Baby Cabela said what is so wrong scratching my back, I scratch your back, I don’t feel like you say yuck grows.

    Man, I miss… Greed The hedgehog he didn’t care what I say.’  Baby Greed said ‘ but I am him. is just I’m a baby again and I

    don’t remember how to act like myself.

    all I can do is. Drool.  And think of playing with toys. I love toy^_^!?  And being what a baby does cry when you feed me.

    Baby Cabela said ‘well, I don’t feel that way I’m still normal.’ baby greed said  I wish I could tell you. But I don’t one to upset

    you. How you control yourself. I just  ignore that as a secret and try to ignore this smell.’

    Baby Cabela said ‘ what. Smell. o.o!?’ baby greed said just forget. okay, I  play tag with you,’

    Baby Cabela said then your  it. Catch me if you can around the planet were we came from. Out of the planet.

    A story talk game started. Space zone star 1.

    in this stage you got to catch baby Cabela.

    But remember you only get  m25:00 to catch  her to complete this stage.

    And to continue the story talk good luck

    [[3]]Space Zone Star Race/ Or you can skip and don’t earn 5 gold rings

    to purchase in fashion.

    > Remember Gold Rings can only.

    Be used online

    Silver Rings can be used offline and online.

    To purchase fashion offline and online

    To be saved offline and online.

    Silver rings can get you fashion

    But not as good as the gold.

    Sometimes silver Rings can be useful.

    to get the best fashion, they can come close to gold rings.

    There are millions of styles too.

    Style your baby and your character.

    Millions of diapers to styles your baby

    Including labels like Sonic Team, SEGA, Sonic, Kids And Baby Dora, ABC,

    Sonic Kids, Teddy Bear, Bunny Kids, Care Bears, Sesame Street,

    Best friends,  Sonic team Characters labels, Hearts, Star, And More.

    Labels  go to the diaper/ Pamper

    More labels can be uploaded / Patch to sonic Game in the Future of The Game.

    And Millions of clothes and Fashion and all.

    Some labels cost gold rings.

    Other labels cost silver rings to be put on the Diaper/ Pamper. Ok

    Oh, You can also decorate the Diaper/Pamper and name your label.

    Front and back decoration and side decoration.

    You Can Purchase the Decoration with Silver Rings. NO GOLD RINGS REQIRED FREE.

    Sounds Cool and Fun.

    You can show off your cute baby to other service how cute he is.

    Would Baby greed have a makeover.

    Let’s Move On.

    Ok, Now Baby Greed.

    Got to catch baby cabela

    She is a fast pasychic flyer

    in order to catch baby cabela

    1 Baby Greed got to pass hits way through the rainbow the ring.

    when baby greed is traveling through space. To catch cabela.

    Baby greed hands. will be beside his wings.

    every time you pass the ranbow ring you will pick up speed.

    There are three trackpoint around the planet. You’re going as fast as speed of light.

    There are some dangers in space. But you can gather. Twin Ring, power up box, and free man box item. In space to stay a alive. In space.

    2 if you can catch baby cabela. And past there checkpoints and. Finish The Race You win.

    3 But if you passed the finish line without catching baby cabela you lose

    4 Or if you catch baby cabela and you run out of time you lose.

    Not reaching the finish line you lose. Completely Ok Done

    you should know in the star area you will be able to jump on the roller coaster.

    just like Sonic Heroes But this is a roller coaster.

    When you reach it. When you pass the roller coaster ride you get a big Score and 5 silver Rings.

    1 Time a checkpoint roller coaster ride.

    it’s even got the ring cord.

    whenever you grab it. It will travel a little ways to end at the point. And you will get a

    little bit of a score and 3 silver rings. for one ring cord ride checkpoint.

    Only one time a stage but remember. In a ring cord ride.

    There are traps in a little of enemies trying to get you. You

    got to avoid or try to attack them.

    Soar your way around the planet to reach the checkpoint.

    Where no baby has gone before.

    And catch Baby cabelas. In sonic and baby greed game. Done

    Let Move On


    Baby Greed vs Evil Night The Puppet Master05:45

    Baby Greed vs Evil Night The Puppet Master

    Baby Greed said ‘Cabela what you say in the race. It’s all true.

    I am a dumb baby again But i’m still smart little hedgehog.

    Does have sense to being the hero of the world.’

    Night Said. ‘That is really something you saying their kid.:-)!?’

    Baby Greed said ‘ Night’ Night Said’ the one only from dreams world.’

    Baby Greed said ‘ Night))))))’ Night Said ‘ whoaO_o greed too hard of a hug you giving me.

    Baby Greed said ‘ i miss you Night where have you been your always there to scare the.

    Boogeyman away from me.’ Night said ‘ I see you remember that monster we try take down. >_-‘

    but could you let go of me, you’re squeezing me too tight.’ Baby greed said’ sorry night.’

    Night said’ thank you, got a strong grip again hugging people:-).’

    Baby Cabela said ‘o_o? Who is this purple guy with a clown hat on his head.’

    Night said’ !? Clown hat Greed who is this new girl does she know who I am.’

    Baby Greed said’ No, she’s new

    Night Said’ let me put it this way cabela.’

    i’m Night the wonder of Dreams in this world.

    Cabela you wouldn’t mind, i speak to greed for a minute.

    Baby Cabela said’ why are you such in a hurry.

    Night said’ -_- because there’s something

    Bad’s going to happen.’

    Baby Cabela said’ then it is not so hard to tell me. He  lives with me in the bedroom.

    He will tell me when he gets home.’

    Baby Greed said’ she’s right’

    baby Cabela said’ where baby it wouldn’t matter please tell me.

    Night said’……..-_-oh very well


    ☀The Dream world is in trouble

    The gates of darkness.

    Is still alive and it still wants to attack this world.

    And mine

    i’m on the edge of fear. Because something is coming to this world.

    And i’m afraid I might lose you Baby Greed.

    And if it happens. We’re all done for and my world will probably die.!?

    I know i’m not supposed to be afraid of anything. But this thing is very powerful.

    And I’d like to tell you. I don’t stand a chance against it.

    Baby greed said ‘ what is opening the gate of darkness again.’

    Night said ‘I don’t know this time. And I don’t think that will be boogieman  will be  the cause of it this time.

    Baby Cabelas said ‘ afraid of the boogieman, there’s no such thing of the boogieman.

    ☀have you gone off the wall. ^_^ lol ha ha!?. ‘

    Night said ‘ -_-The boogeyman he’s talking about is NightMaresZare. The King of Nightmares.

    He has the power to send a child into a nightmare world. So he or she will never escape the nightmare.

    For all eternity. Plus, you will never age, you will stay a child for all eternity underneath The nightmare King Zare.

    But it was hard for me to rescue Baby Greed But. In the moment Amy told baby greed, not to be afraid of him.

    But a spark of a light baby greed told Nightmare zare I’m not afraid of you. He kept getting smaller and

    smaller. Into he said his final words I will not stop and rest. In to your destroyed. I will be back.

    Haunt you again and you will never escape the nightmare ever again, I will be back for you.

    And he disappeared, he never returned from months into this very day in front of you. Baby greed.

    Baby cabelas said ‘>;_;< I remember him. He was telling me of a bad future what happened to the world if I got it.

    it’ll be his Nightmare Playground. But the thing is why is he has the same name as the other one.’

    Night said ‘ because zare has split his body into to. And create another part of him but its in the nightmare way

    call Nightmare Zare.’ Baby Cabelas said ‘ like he told me. What if he got

    through the real world Night said ‘ -_-………………………………….. then he could turn your world.

    into a nightmare hold that there will be no way to sleep at night. Because nightmare zare

    will have control of the world. And he will destroyed. It having two monsters in the world destroyed and controlling dreams.

    Is to much. But thank goodness it’s not him this time

    greed why didn’t you destroy zare. That could have closed the nightmare zare a way.

    The part that he split his body apart from the other side of him.

    You would have dastroyed the nightmares zare.

    If you destroy the original one. Baby greed said ‘ he fell off the cliff.

    He told me if i can’t beat you. Then the world will suffer at my fate.

    He stretched out his two hands and fell backwards.

    I tried to reach for his hands. But he felt before i reached him.

    The monsters just fell in the middle of the core

    and he started catching on fire.

    The whole entire area lit up i couldn’t see him. But he was melting and then he turned to

    ice in the middle of the core. The whole entire core was frozen and the planet was still intact.

    But i seen sand coming from the ice. I think it was melting i had a little bit of time to find

    a way to save the planet before it blows. So i turn back the time and everything. Got restored.’

    Night said ‘ and you turn back into a baby when you first appeared in the mystic ruins.

    Baby Greed said ‘ yes, but what how did you know.’  Night said ‘ There are things that you think about. And sleep about In your bedroom for a

    baby hedgehog like you. It Doesn’t Quit. it wouldn’t matter how I know is just it’s impossible to stop this creature he opens the door to your

    dreamworld and that’s how I found you from him. Your dreams are not safe baby greed. These things are after you they want to put you out for

    life. And they’re not going to stop into they kill you But they keep entering  my world as they were looking for you they first entered the world

    they came from Gate Of Your Dream. And then they came out through the Spring Valley as I seen them, they were not nice, they look like dark

    evil shadows looking for a fight. But they were looking at  me.  But there was simply. In a hurry, they tore open a portal to enter your world. And

    they entered. But I follow them and they were targeting your dreams as I see them enter your dreams  of your mind. I try to follow them into your

    dreams.  I could not stop them. That’s where I found  you but. There were too many of them. So I waited for them to leave.You couldn’t stop

    crying where yours simply in a dark nightmare. So much tears from your eyes you didn’t know what to do. All you can do is cry and call your

    mommy and daddy. That they couldn’t hear you. You were visible in the dark. Nightmare, So I broke the  darkness glass that you were

    imprisoned by. I elbote  at the glass and broke it and you woke up. You woke up in a crying mood that you want it, help But you should know

    greed I have know about your future And I’m here to stay to be a partner with you to stop in your nightmares and put in the end of him. So he will

    never  hunt you ever again. but remember greed. I can’t stop your original nightmares. You have to fight them on your own But the one who’s

    after you. I can stop that one. But remeber baby greed, there’s other places. I have to go to’baby greed said ‘ thank you night you always been

    there for me’Night said ‘remember baby greed i can only be a partner with you in your dreams so enjoy your life without me for now. Night skies

    is always my daywith you to keep an eye out for those Zare Nightmare. Remember baby greed, no one can see me, but you and the babys that

    came here’ Baby greed said  can sonic see you. Night said ‘ no i’m sorry he can’t’ Baby greed said ‘ oh man’baby cabela said ‘  it’s okay baby

    greed. As long as we can see him’ Baby greed said ‘ OK’

    Night said ‘ now listen there was a time that i was with sonic.

    But those were the times. I tell you we had a blast.

    And all the rest ^_^’

    Baby Greed and Cabela said ‘  Thanks Night for everthing you have done you’re the best!?’

    Night ‘ you’re welcome !? oh what does that sound i heard this sound before.

    get behind me kids there something over there

    ????? said ‘ ha ha ha ha ha ????? said ‘ ha ha ha ???? ???? said ‘ ha ha ha ha ha ????? grrr ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((([[2] Evil Night The Puppet Master said ‘ Such words copy night

    That is really strike the heart of children Copy Night.’

    Night said ‘  what are you

    Evil Night The Puppet Master said ‘ What am i. i  you that used to be a good night but not anymore

    The monster destroyed my world and turn me into a monster like him.

    Zare  did  Evil Night The Puppet Master said ‘ what am i here for.! i’m here for you to little baby behind your back.

    I even brought baby hedgehog that used to be on the ship.

    I pick them up in the woods when he was buried in the grave.

    he lost his life when he fell from the sky.

    I pick him up and turned him into a puppet.

    But there are histories about him com forth Puppet Zombie Baby Greed.

    Night said ‘ what  no another one.  But how. What’s going on here

    Evil Night The Puppet Master said ‘ Night  seems to be confuse have

    have you heard night. There was another future  The second future.

    This baby was captured by a dark man call Dr. Alex

    Night said ‘ Dr. Alex ho he’

    Evil Night The Puppet Master said ‘

    if you watching this scene congratulations you unlock a bonus stage.

    If you skip this you won’t be able to unlock it.

    For every story mode you watch or Story Mode Talks.

    You unlock a bonus stage fashion and one new special character.

    Cabela> O_O:your hand is getting hot BabyGreed>>.<‘ not again did things in my stomach one to come out it hurt Cabela> what is hurting BabyGreed My Stomach)))))) Cabela> lay down i will help you let me see what’s inside of you what are those things inside of you ? wait minute things are familiare those are chaos emeralds you got all 7 chaos emeralds in you babyGreed> i know that they want to come to out Waaahhh!!

    Cabela> who O_O Chaos Emeralds they’re floating on top of you BabGreed > (>_<) they want energy to get bigger no m power no more no more Cabela> why are you talking that way ? it’s like you’re scared BabyGreed> Scared i wish i could say something to you stinky baby i can’t move becaues of them Cabela> why are they Spinning in circles around you BabyGreed> you’re about to find out its going to hurt Cabela> ?

    BabyGreed> (゚Д゚) ahhhhhhhh)))))))))))) Cabela> Whoa (o ゚□゚ o) BabyGreed>oh -_- Cabela> Greed are you ok Chaos Emeralds Went Back in you Greed dont gooo somebody help i hate to do this WAAAAAHHH!!))))))))))

    Amy> what now -\- and how who dares to wake me up baby Cabela ! BabyGreed oh no greed he hot no the Chaos Emeralds Greed wake up BabyGreed>>.< -_- (;´Д`)WAAAAAHHH!!)))))))))) Amy> ahh it ok if only you were adult again another few years with you as a baby i got another long way to go Geez loouise

    Later the Morning Amy> hey Sonic it time for you go up there Knuckles> Amy When did you go Baby shopping Amy> Would you like to Know Tails> we do you got there Baby Hedgehog that light greed hedgehog looks familiar Amy> well then why don’t you guessed who he is Tails Knuckles Tails> i go first did you get married Amy> No <.< Tails did get Married Tails> oh-_-‘ Knuckles Knuckles> ? -_-! ^_^> are you a foster Parent of These Hedgehogs Amy> (ˇ_ˇ) what no Knuckles that is the dumbest Answer Knuckles Tails> are these grandkids Amy> no Tails i don’t got Grand kids Knuckles> ? are you babysitting Amy> No Knuckles Tails> ?? are you working in City Square Daycare Amy> * – -) No But tha’d be a good place to take them Knuckles> ? ! i no))) you’re taking Care of lost Orphan Amy> no Knuckles that is a another dumb answer Tails> i give up Knuckles> me to Tails> who are these Baby hedgehogs Amy> well since you two don’t know Let me start with the green one Tails>?? Knuckles>?? Amy> that baby is BabyGreed Tails> o_o What knuckles> What

    happened to him he a baby again Sonic> he use the time Crystal to turn back time any cost him to turn back into a baby The time Crystal was Meant to turn back time when Zare not on this world and that was the time when Greed landed on this world when he was just one years old but the time crystal didn’t go back any further in time he only 2 years old Tails> so it went a little bit back when he was just 2 years old Sonic> that’s right Tails

    Knuckles> and these other Baby are Cabela and the Healer Amy> they were all effective Star The Rabbit not the baby Me To Tails> your Baby to Star> no not that much i return to be 4 years old i’m kids Tails> it’s kind of a baby’s Age Knuckles> Why are you wearing a Sheet<.<? Star oh ‘ it’ Just i’m cold Sonic> its not that cold out here it’s kind of Warm out here Star> (oдolll)’ Universe> (ˇ_ˇ) Star Show it Star>(‘゚Д゚) Ahh >.< o_o’ Sonic> what no way Universe> little star had problems last night so i picked these up for him star> please don’t laugh at me Amy> ^_^ lol Star wearing diapers Star> (T-T) i wish i was older again Universe>(ˇ_ˇ) don’t feel so bad star you’re still a baby even if your 4 years old you’re still a baby Star> greed did this to meee why did you turn me back into a baby why greed whyyyy-\- Universe> Knock it off star he had no choice star do you want to see us be eaten by Zombies how much zombies can we hold off and do you one to being blown to smithereens Do star do you Star> (T_T) (;´Д`)WAAAAAHHH!!)))))))))) no Univers i don’t want to be eaten by boogeyman

    Knuckles> -_-‘ boogeyman Universe> oh great i made the baby cry <.<‘ it ok your not dead ok you’re still alive Stop Cry your eyes are like a Sprinkler star>(;_;) Universe let’s go home i don’t want to be here in front of all these People they’re looking at me and they have hearts in their eyes Universe> No Star were here to See Sonic get his Medal if there was another problem O_O like what is that smell Star how could you what am i going to do with you Star> can we go home now Universe> (╬◣д◢) go home now Star Amy is there a place that we can take these Baby Amy Amy> yes i do know where to take these ha ha ha ha-\- Star> i don’t like where this is going Star>\(>_<)/ a Day Care Center Help me Universe The Hedgehog))))) Universe> Help you . you little furball what you did was gonna keep you here trying to get away to go home not going to happen star> but but but Universe> no but

    i be back for you for you can see sonic get his medal star> Universe don’t leave me here waaaaahhh!

    Universe> ( . .)? what a cry baby and he says he’s a kid he’s nothing but a baby <.< a 4 Year old is still a baby He Jessie> don’t worry we will keep an eye on these little ones ^_^ and will give the baby bunny a clean diaper to Amy> ok ^_^ he only did that because he wanted to go home Jessie> oh well he’s just a baby Amy> will take care of them Jessie> ^_^ we will Sonic> see geed give us a break for a change Star> i’m not a baby i’m a big kids BabyGreed> a big are you Star Star>? who said that star> let me out of here its not fair Cabela> not fair is it Star> stop scary me who ever you are BabyGreed > a scared little Bunny who scared of voices that’s not a big kid that’s more like a baby star> i big kids i’m not scared Cabela> what did you do today did you want to go home about star> (o.o’ nothing i was enjoying the breeze BabyGreed> you wouldn’t be lying with you star Star>o;-;o

    Cabela> tell truth you are a baby say say say star> >_<‘ BabyGreed > say say say star> ok i’m baby i have problem i can’t control it i’m baby i one to big again Babygreed> it ok star i baby to i turn myself back into one because it was the only way to save the world Star> o_o greed you can talk BabyGreed> of course i can talk its long is a half cabelas beside me Cabela> why does he act this way BabyGreed> i really don’t know But this is how he is Cabela> ok it seems you’re in trouble Bunny they coming back here to clean you up right now i hope you enjoy the treatments Star> what treatment BabyGreed> you will find out Star> oh no David> take him Star> let go me James> Kids don’t worry kid you won’t have nothing to worry about when i finish with you

    Star> Ahhhh few Minutes later and he got cleaned up BabyGreed> how was it Star> it was over there give me a bath Cabela> (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) you don’t have to explain the other thing’s against your butt Star> oh

    Doom>i must find him he is the answer of Zare

    Knuckles> Sonic i have this problem with Cha Cha He wants us all to come down to his

    Stadium Sonic> another dance what is he up to this time Amy> -\- i know what he’s up to playing for a date

    Sonic> <.<‘ well that’s good for you Knuckles> anyway Sonic wants us to come down for a lovely dance for a challenge for the trophy hello there you must be the one who saves the world i’m Dr Joevo a scientist of searching Tails> Sonic he was the one who released Zare Sonic> But he’s dead there’s no more harm anymore Tails> oh Sonic> nice to meet you Joevo what is your plans this Time Dr Joevo Dr Joevo> ? what plans Tails> he doesn’t remember Sonic very strange Sonic> Nothing Dr Joevo> i’m here to gratulations to both of you Sonic And Greed Dr Joevo> ? were is Greed Sonic> he’s in the daycare Center Dr Joevo> what is he doing there having baby trouble Universe> No it’s just another stinker went to the daycare center he’s in trouble today Sonic> and we took them there so he won’t be alone Dr Joevo> oh ok just rememberto bring them back here in time Amy> we will Dr Joevo> well see you later heroes Sonic> ok Cabela> (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) fun can we do i’m getting bored and hungry BabyGreed> Me to Star> i can say the same thing i am hungry ( . .) oh man i wish i could eat a carrot now Greed why is in the healer speaking with us BabyGreed> She is meditating she’s an elder they usually don’t speak good mostly quiet even if their baby is mostly strange Star> but your elder Cabela> (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) not elder i’m a regular human but i’m a hedgehog Babygreed> She was turned into a hedgehog too like me ^_^ it was because you chose that Star> how did she become one BabyGreed> a bad man turned into one Cabela> (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) i think it was an accident Eggman> actually drop the potion by accident BabyGreed> it was the potion of supposed to turn me back into a Hedgehog i didn’t want to be a rabbit Cabela> that potion dropped on me but it was an accident it took awhile for Sonic to make another one Star> what happened to EGGMAN BabyGreed> he ran away Cabela> it was all up to Sonic Now Star> did sonic turn you back into a Hedgehog BabyGreed> ^_^ yes he did he came through it one but the ship was on fire Sonic had to be the hero to get off the ship he managed to Save Me and Cabela Star> whoa Jessie> ok little ones is time for a bottle treatment star> Bottle treatment what is that BabyGreed> they’re going to feed we can’t feed ourself anymore my teeth are small and i can’t eat big stuff anymore Cabela> just sit and relax and enjoy yourself Star><.< i can feed myself i’m 4 Cabela> well you’re in a daycare they going to feed you their way Star i hate this place Shadow> So Sonic getting a medal of heroes where is your son i have a score to settle with him Sonic> you don’t want to no Shadow because he’s not what you think anymore Shadow> what . what are you talking about Sonic Sonic> ( ̄ー ̄)> he a B A B Y Shadow> ? -_- B a B y Ba bay baby he Baby he turned into a baby(oдolll) Sonic> ( ̄ー ̄)> yes the time crystal reversed his body to everyone who came to this world turn back into a baby including Greed The Hedgehog and he in the daycare if you want to see him he’s having his vacation to get away from you Shadow> Sonic i want to see him Sonic> ok here you are Shadow>? baby here David> hey you can’t go in there now they’re feeding the baby shadow> Chaos Control))))))))))) david> ahhhh Shadow> in my dreams no one tells me what to do were are you Greed)) o.o Greed he is baby noooooooooooooooooooo Jessie> you wouldn’t mind being quiet i’m feeding the babys and you mind getting another bottle for the baby bunny for me ? hey your not David if you are a kidnap there’s babys going to be trouble with the police Sonic> it ok were here to put up the baby Jessie> ? oh ok Sonic>well shadow i told you Shadow> it’s not fair >.< i will never get my revenge for a long time Shadow> he Sonic> o.o Shadow> i can wait Sonic because when he grows up he’s mine Amy> see you later shadow hit the road Universe> i will take that baby bottle Uiverse> =_= here go here little baby bunny Star> what took you so long like these ^_^ formulas Uiverse> =_= i did no you like baby bottle Star> yes like them and daycare Uiverse>=_=* you do Star> yes i do jessie i like here ^_^ Uiverse>=_=* are you sure i’m Jessie Star> ^_^ of course you Jessie like you more then Uiverse he’s nothing but a loser Uiverse> =_=*** Universe> loser how much is he a loser BabyGreed>(oдolll) BabyCabela>(oдolll) Star> the big loser in the world and i did something in his shoes he didn’t even notice i was there he Universe> Rawr=_=***** Star> ? universe> what big hands i got Star Star> oh ooo’ Star> ahh Universe oh no Universe> yes me MooRawr (╬◣д◢) what did you do to my shoes little rabbit Star>Universe we can talk about this i didn’t really mean it Universe> oh but you did your Cornered on by the wall Star> Universe you cannot hurt a baby you know Universe> you’re right star i have something i can do to you since you want to be a baby i will turn like one just like Greed (╬◣д◢) how would you like to be dressing up like One Star Star> oh no (#゚Д゚) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh))))) Universe> ha ha ha ha now you look like a two year old like greed star> (T-T) not fair Universe> life is not fair since you are two old you be in the crib like an ordinary baby ha ha and there be no carrots but carrot juice Star> (T-T) i not 2 Universe> i no your punished maybe you’ll learn in the world how to be a big kids not a baby

    Amy>Whoa what happened to star Universe> he thinks he can mess around with me he’s got another thing coming come on you little baby rabbit and take your bottle with you Star (>;_;<) Amy> good luck to you too Universe> we will see you in the second row Catch you there Amy> ok Tikal> i knew this was going to happen to him he turn back time did he sonic> yes he did BabyGreed >^_^ Tikal>he looks very happy that i’m here Silver> its because you brought into this world if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here Ashley> Silver is right if it wasn’t for you the world will be like this are our people would like to see you in the sky ruins for a talk of family time Would you come Tikal Tikal> Why not it Would be great to speak with your people Ashley> thank you l will Sure to have a wonderful Feast for all of us for a wonderful family time Knuckles> You’re an African Hedgehog we have never seen one of them Ashley> yes we are African hedgehog that Lives in the Sky Ruins

    are People Stil Survives in the Sky Ruins sonic> we are sorry about your Mirror Jewels

    that BabyGreed Exhort the Power of it Ashley> its ok it was meant for him to learn those abilities i want to tell you the Mirror Jewels are Restored are People Revive Them Tails> whoa that means we can use them now Ashley> you think you’re going to use them not on for my life Tails> oh man Cha cha> Well look who it is hello Amy Amy> Cha Cha what are you doing here Cha Cha> i can’t resist you my dear after you drew me in the trash can i can’t Raises heart any longer but i still have these feelings every time i see a trash can i fall out of it but this time you cant not put me in the trash they close today Ha ha ha Amy oh yea Cha Cha> Yea my Love anyway what happened to Greed he seems to be small again Sonic> he turn back time and he became in to a baby a again Cha Cha> he did how could you do that to yourself Sonic> it was the only way because we’re on the edge of being destroyed or be eaten by zombies Amy> it’s not him fault he had no choice Cha Cha well its back to being a baby for you again ^_^ i said it to you enjoy having a vacation being a baby again BabyGreed> (*^-^*) you Cha Cha> ! know what i have an idea why not go down to the happy dance in club for the babys there’s a tournament going down there in a given wait awesome fashion for the baby top 1 top 2 top 3 and top 4 Sonic> i don’t think babygreed can dance Cha Cha> then train him don’t be such a weakling gogo to the go downtown Look for happy dance in club in downtown City Square Next to the Baby Talent Fashion Show Sonic> Baby Talent Fashion Cha Cha > ? it’s where you dress up your baby to show off their cuteness if you have a cute baby you’ll be able to enter and let him show his cuteness and talent what he can do there’s is a big price for a tournament there to check it out too if you like don’t worry Sonic you can teach him how to do the moves if you are strong and willing to teach him Sonic> i can do it can teach him Amy> hey Sonic what if i enter Cabela for the tournament Universe> i here Tournament Cha Cha> Yes Universe Tournament if you have a baby you can enter them Universe> i do have a baby right here Cha Cha> Star what happened to you

    same thing would happen to greed Cha Cha> really it happen to you too ok ^_^ well he’s a baby so he can enter to Universe> Tails> well i Take the Babyhealer Cha Cha> Well then your all set we see you there and Sonic Sonic> yea Cha Cha> don’t forget the stadium dance tournament Sonic> i will be there Cha Cha> that goes for all of you too i want to see who’s the best dancer who can beat me in the tournament are you good enough to dance Amy Rose Amy> that sounds like a challenge (╬◣д◢) Cha Cha. Cha Cha> yes it is my dear see you dad my love catch you later Amy>(╬◣д◢) ahh Amy broke the pole not your Love Loveboy Sonic><.<‘ i didn’t know how strong you can be hitting the pole across the wall Amy Knuckles> the present is coming on its time Sonic Sonic> yea Knuckles Amy> wait Sonic let’s hear what he’s going to say maybe he call you up Cream> hey sonic BabyGreed>(゚;Д゚) (>_<) Cream> what’s wrong Greed wait now he different Amy> he reverse time and turn back into a baby again CreaM> ^_^ ! Greed > Cream you might have your own style but not getting me even if i look like a bunny that you’re in love wit Cream> we will see about that Greed Amy can i hold the baby you mean Cabela Cream> no i one to hold babygreed i think he’s diaper needs to be changed Babygreed> (゚Д゚) Amy> ok here you go take him to bathroom and changed him Cream> \(^^\) ok 益ಠ) ha ha got you greed Amy> oh and take Cabela what you to she need one to Cream> let go BabyGreed no big boy no more your my now greed since when the bathroom change you ? GreedBaby> >.< Cabela help me Cabela> (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) what’s the matter with this one are you scared of her BabyGreed> yes i’m so scared Cabela> (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) ok what did she do to you BabyGreed> when i was a baby in the past she gave me the worst diaper changes with glue s he gave me the worse is milk of my life when i needed to go to sleep she put me in a crib with dirty clothes what tell you cabela that milk she gave me was nothing but mud with caterpillars in it not only that when i was on the flame carrier she turned me into a rabbit when i was finding outif i will really a hedgehog so i went the transformation that’s when she fall in and dropped hair all over me that’s what i was turned into a rabbit not only that she wants to marry me (>.<) help me Cabela she’s going gloomy down again Cabela> nothing to worry about just relax BabyGreed> nothing to worry about what are you crazy she’s the worst nightmare ever seen ahhh she will be in my dreams forever as a number 1st nightmare Cream>ok now BabyGreed it’s time to remove that dirty diaper (`皿´) your helpless now and this is my revenge BabyGreed> help me no no no 【o´゚□゚`o】 please don’t do it again ahh Cabela> <.< Relax she’s just changing your diaper BabyGreed>not my dreams got to same time control if only i 3 years old if only i can say it >,< th no ti no bhjTinb ahh Cream> let’s see how much you got he babyGreed> oh no Timn yu tim time gh time changing)))))))) Cabela> ? where did she go BabyGreed> i sent her somewhere far away in china)))

    Cream> ? noooooooooooooooooooooo Greed))))ahhhh a Sensei> please be quiet we are training here no yrlling (╬◣д◢) i get you Greed)))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Cabela> nice going you dumb baby how much to get my changed now BabyGreed> you can wait Cabela> hmmmm what are you doing now BabyGreed> i’m trying to cast time ability i’m going to try to teleport amy here

    BabyCabela>but you don’t know how to speak the words BabyGreed> i spoke the words ones maybe i could speak again >.< concentrate concentrate Time Changing)))) Amy> how the heck did i get here ? BabyGreed and BabyCabela what were Cream did she leave you here and did left you here undone where is she and what’s with this glue ? i guess BabyGreed> ^_^❤ Amy> i guess i have to change you guys and girls oh (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) boy a few minutes later let’s go back where sonic is since you’re all cleaned up BabyGreed> (^-^ BabyCabela><.< he the president> thank you for coming we have heard the monster attack the city Universte> Amy over here sonic over here Amy> Universte oh ok Babygreed> ( ̄ー ̄) hello star it since you got dressed up as a baby nice bib(-^_^-) lol ha ha ha you shoiuld have kept your mouth closed you may universe so mad that he did something worse to you his eyes were so red he was ready to burst out to hurt you lol ha ha ha Star> its not funny BabyCabela> looks like you’re punished little rabbit so much trouble are you having look on the bright side rabbits at least you can join the club with us star> what club the BabyGreed> ^_^> baby talent show and the dancing club Maybe if you win the tournament you can get out of trouble Star> how am I going to win a tournament BabyGreed> just try to be the best dancer in the cutest baby Ever BabyCabela> (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) but do you think you’re going to beat as Star> can try maybe I can win BabyCabela> That sounds like a challenge I like challenges do you think you could be a girl but has beautiful looks and beautiful dresses

    (✿◖◡​◗)there is no way you can beat me and my friend next to me to Greed is that right Greed BabyGreed(._.) oh I don’t know do you think I can win Cabela What style do I have to look like for a boy BabyCabela> (* – -)Whatever a baby boy wears You dumb baby when did you become stupid again where is the smart Hedgehog I know star> What style you do you wear do you even know how to dress yourselfs BabyCabe> ? i don’t remember do you BabyGreed Do you remember how to change yourself Babygreed> ? Let me see BababyStar> (oдolll)’ BabyCaber>(oдolll)’ Amy>【o゚□゚o】 oh no Babygreed don’t you dare pull off your diaper and from everyone A few minutes later Amy put is Diaper back on him Babygreed Don’t take off your diaper keep it on (╬◣д◢) Babygreed>(。・ˇ_ˇ・。) i don’t remember that’s probably cuz we’re babies I think Amy would do it for us cuz were babies again ? (・_・|What’s wrong Cabela why are you starting to laugh BabyCabela> Because that is one of the stupidest thing you ever did in front of everyone you must be embarrassed BabyGreed> what did i do Star> (=ω= 😉 you pulled off your diaper in front of everyone and they were laughing at you BabyGreed> oh no (oдolll) BabyCabela>(⌒∩⌒) lol (⌒∩⌒) lol you stupid baby BabyGreed> its not funnuy it was an accident BabyCabela>accident trying to figure out how to change yourself in front of everyone that is dumb as well and stupid babygreed>(;_;)it was an accident please stop laughing at me I will BabyCabela> continue laughing at you because you are the stupidest baby ever known lol ha ha ha BabyGreed>(>;_;<) Star> that’s enough you’re making him cry what if he’s the dumb baby it doesn’t change a thing when he grows up he will be smart again BabyCabela> oh no Greed don’t cry BabyGreed>(;_;).. BabyCabela>I’m very sorry how much you feel about that about I’m very sorry it won’t happen again I will not tease you that way again Greed just forget what we said BabyGreed> you were making fun of me BabyCabela> I know please I was just having a little fun I don’t care if you’re a dumb baby as long as you’re my little Baby friend at all thats matters to me I don’t want us to be split apart I want us to continue our Aventures equally wherever we go we will face it together other ways of a path BabyCabela>(*^-^*) BabyGreed> (;_;)I don’t want to be split apart from you you are a true friend BabyCabela They both hugged each other with a true ❤Frindship❤ hug it only you can see those two hugging each other it’s with a true friendship its just like tails and Sonic BabyCabela> are you feeling a little better now I hope those tears don’t come out Again only if something else comes up or if you’re in trouble and did you did something wrong or anything else but not like this Babygreed> Yes I’m feeling better what’s wrong with you why are you turning pink what’s with the tail BabyCabela> Oh no it seems it’s time for me to become a mutant again the elders give me a potion so I can become a Fleche Hedgehog it’s guess it’s time to show you my true self I am a hedgehog bunny BabyGreed> Not another bunny sanctuary don’t glue me down don’t glue my diaper down BabyCabela> what’s wrong with you I am NOT cream that’s what cream did that to you not me I am different than her Babygreed> oh I forget BabyCabela> Boo BabyGreed> Ahhh BabyCabela> you’re still scared of cream BabyGreed> stop that you’re scaring me BabyCabela> let’s just forget about her BabyCabela> whatever you say ! Hey look Who is that black guy on there looks like a jelly or squid with one eye BabyGreed> Never seen such a thing like that before but he looks like a monster BabyCabela> There is no more monsters all the monsters disappear after you use time reverse everything they don’t is this to completely gone BabyGreed> maybe you’re right maybe the dressing up because Halloween is on its way maybe look its commander shorts it looks like he’s going up soon The president> after dignity and strength they fought very hard to protect the world and a stand still alive I called up here commander shorts may these heroes continue saving our world commander shorts please come up here and speak to the world Commander shorts> yes Mr President As this fallen place was turned into darkness a monster was roaming the city are soldiers tried to stop the mall we fought and fought as years pass by but I simply couldn’t hold on much longer But we didn’t give up we managed to hold the line of the other side of the city that he was heading to fought our butts off to protect the city But we lost a lot of people and soldiers to that monster the turn Zombies and demons them into a lot of Monster we lost a lot of soldiers in the process but we didn’t give up that creature squash are people we lost and Jason in the process a great soldier Jason was a great soldier of the Starship His family knows that he is gone and he will be a legend to our starships forever for ever His family is on my starships and he’ll be a legend of his family forever will live on to outdo starship are people managing to control the people on the ship but now we have a new phase of our home and our people can live on this planet from the starship our people are different from your world our babies are different as well they can talk and walk at age 0 they came from opposite planet from our homes from another planet on the other side of the galaxy now I’m calling up A Great Hedgehog who tried to stop him and destroy him I call up Sonic the Hedgehog and Babygreed the Hedgehog May you to come up to receive your medals Amy> Sonic here Baby Greed take him up there with you Sonic>Hey little one I’m sorry you’re not an adult and you can’t talk anymore but you have a long ways to go to grown up again but BabyGreed> (^_^) Sonic> I will take care of you I promise that and I think Amy will too lets go babyGreed Sonic>? Strange when I’m holding you. you feel A little light have Amy been feeding you lately I hope your stomach can get some Baby Food in there well let’s go we can’t keep commander shorts waiting Commader Shorts> I give you Sonic the Hedgehog and Greed the Hedgehog The hero who saved us from the monster Zare that he’s completely destroyed and never coming back this monster was after this baby he wants to kill him his history he had to destroy this this baby hedgehog but his future failed he didn’t get the chance to destroy him so that’s why he is no more thanks to these two he is destroyed by them and there is a future for all of us so I get these metals to these two heroes bravery and strength and being a wonderful hero of the world his medals goes to Sonic the Hedgehog and Greed the Hedgehog take these metals with you and be a hero of the world and stop Eggman at Dr Sheila capturing this baby those are the last two Villains we got to worry about Sonic may you take care of your little baby because he’s your son and you chose to be a guardian of you are you continue being a guardian including Amy Rose congratulations Sonic They all clapped at sonic and babgreed Sonic> I will continue protecting him thanks you commander shorts> No mention it sonic you work very hard to protect this world and your son can continue protecting BabyGreed the Hedgehog continue stop and Eggman and Dr Sheila they’re up to no good and I know you can stop them to Sonic> I will do what I have to do to stop them thanks on it commander shorts > now I have someone else to talk to Before I wrap this up I hope you can show off your metal to your friends good luck to you Sonic the Hedgehog and your baby too commander shorts alluded Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic> Well baby great it seems like a new adventure for both of us but what is that smell you did something in your diaper commander shorts> I think your baby needs to be diapered changed farewell Sonic.. Sonic> farewell commander shorts good luck on the Mystic Ruins commander shorts> we will we will protect it our base will be protected as well it could be useful to be opening up a barrier to protect it from enemies like vampire Sonic> Amy I think the baby needs to be changed again Amy> I’m on it BabyCabela> What did you do up there BabyGreed> I couldn’t help it I was just so excited of getting a medal BabyCabela> well I guess this is your first time doing that I guess so we’re going to be babies for a long time we got a long ways to grow up so let’s get used to it BabyGreed> I guess so Amy> there you all clean BabyStar> I never thought that you would be a great hero to commander shorts Don’t worry bunny maybe one day you’ll be Hero like I am BabyStar> I can BabyGreed> of course you can just try to work on it BabyStar> I will BabyGreed thank you BabyGreed> (^_^) you’re welcome BabyStar>(^_^) Commander shorts> I need to speak to one more person I have one last metal to give to someone for rescuing this baby and bring him to our future if it wasn’t for her this world would not be beautiful I’m calling up someone did had a great heart entering the world of the past of Rohan Castle and rescuing baby greed if she’s here right now please step up here so we can have a little talk Tikal I have something to say to you for bravery and strength and find the answers to bring him here and holding the stuff away from his mind and controlling the darkness was in him you traveled very far from your ancestors finding the monster who was trying to take his life but it was too complicated for him to reach him but now that he’s in our world there is hope to save in this planet there is a new hero and that’s the babygreed one Tikal> don’t forget Sonic commander shorts> course we will never forget him I give you this medal for wonderful travel this metal is the travel of time of heroes for your strength and bravery to bring them here this is the Medal of Honor take it with you so our people know who you are the one who saved baby Greed future and ours Thank you very much I will take this with me and thank you all believing in me i brung greed back because it was supposed to be a future for him here ancestors of the elders told me that they open up the doors for me to go rescue him I think the elders for this too if it wasn’t for the elders we would have never had a chance so it’s Medal already belong to them but I will take it because they told me to the names of Secrets to out the galaxy and they said there was a legendary hedgehog that died a long time ago elder kimchi may his name be legendary to our home land he was the one who saved the baby back in his time and his real?! Nevermind thank you Doom> you are the key to releasing Zare I will take you with me Tikal> ahhhh Shadow> doom you’re still alive Doom> Shadow I will not be defeated by you again there is a new challenge for you shadow and the rest of you I’m bringing him back I will take Dr Joe vole Dr Joe Vole> ahhhh Shadow> You won’t get away with this doom Doom> I am shadow I am universe> who is this creep shadow> long arrival from the past Sonic> Doom is back shadow> yes sonic Doom trying to bring back some one ChaCha> spinning rapper are you okay Tikal Doom> whoever you are you cross the line Omega> sensor indicate the doom returned must terminate you machine are really tempting me I have no time to mess around with you heroes I have what I want Tikal and Dr Joe Vole tell me what is the antidote to release him or I’m turning you into darkness Tikal tell me now >_< tell me Tikal or you lose your life Tikal ok the antidote is the 7 Chaos Emeralds and the seven black skulls potions that are shaped with different faces there in city square in the Mystic Ruins Doom thank you you two are now worthless to me farewell Tikal> ahhhh DR Joe Vole> ahhh Sonic Tails Got to you too what is the darks circle you guys just fell right out of it just disappeared it seems you’re up against Doom again he’s planning to bring back zare BabyStar> where to start in the city Doom> shadow you couldn’t Destroy me so easily i Managed to get away from your attack i will destroy you Shadow The Hedgehog and i found someone did i’m going to bring back Zare all i need is the antidote to bring him back ha ha ha Zare fossil ha ha ha ha ha)))))) All say> Sonic And Greed Avengers GX The Rise of The Chaos Fusion

    more soon about this

    about this>


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