Final story game mode of a dream Elder Giant Orc Sonic Legend has Been born

Final story game mode of a dream Elder Giant Orc Sonic Legend has Been born


Awaken the legend of the super legend it for game

Final story game mode of a dream Elder Giant Orc Sonic Legend has been born as Sonic and baby Greed trapped in a nightmare. Of Zare power As the Zare curse Sonic and baby greed of a, nightmare that cannot escape Baby greed sits on the floor and starts crying saying and said” I can’t be him He’s too strong I am soscared, why am I so scared somebody help me, I cannot take it anymore, I’m just a baby, I wish I was older”!? Sonic sent’ down by him put his hand around him sonic said” Hey little guy, there’s nothing to be afraid of I’m here with you in the Its like its starting all over again. When you fell in a dream you were all alone, but the night was there with you and told you there’s nothing to be afraid of, you’re never alone, don’t you remember’ what he told you there’s nothing to be afraid of you got to be strong.” Baby greed said” >; _;< he did say that, but I don’t know if it could be true sonic. Night told me to tell you. Would you always be by my side wherever you go, would you never leave me alone! In the dark would you Swear sonic never leave me in the dark”!?  sonic said” of course I will never leave you alone in the dark I know you fear the dark. But you have to face it one day. But I’ll always be there with you. You are a great blazing Hedgehog I chose To protect for the rest of my life. And I would love to have you by my side to me Being my son you are my true son. You are my little boy baby greed^_^ on my journey we both have a dream together and we must face it Together we have to destroy this monster together. Take my hand and come with me. Escape this nightmare it doesn’t stop us now we must be strong as one to fight it. Baby greed said”:’-(: -|: -) yes Daddy.  Let us. Become one with the Master of the fusion emerald crystal” elder kimchi Said Stop You too you are very brave sonic Such a strong blue hedgehog that has no fear of the darkness. You are very gifted with bravery and strength like a warrior. I am elder kimchi the master of the fusion emerald crystal baby greed Said” o.o you’re still alive.”!? Elder kimchi Said Yes I’m still alive. I didn’t return back to my body I stayed in, space as a spirit of the galaxy I felt the planet Earth was in trouble. And it was In trouble, so I waited for the Zare To go to Planet Earth I couldn’t stop him he was heading to earth is target was you baby greed and the rest of the people on this world the zare fell in the water underneath the Master Emerald of the Mystic Ruins he was hitting on City Square we couldn’t stop him nobody knew where he was. That’s when she came Queen Jessica Are you troubled. Elder kimchi. Kimchi said” who you are. Little girl you need to be home with your family you’re not supposed to be out here. It’s dangerous Queen Jessica said” you don’t have to worry, I know where I’m at and I knew you would come elder kimchi Said you are possessed by a spirit. Yes she fell asleep and I came here to see you Queen Lydia the master of underwater I come to ask you. Would you take my place of the master fusion emerald crystal I cannot live in this world any longer my spirit must die my family on the other side is waiting for me. They keep telling me come home I need one person to take my place. And I ask you. You may still be alive in this Master fusion Emerald crystal If you take its place you will be the master fusion Emerald crystal if you take it rightful place Elder King. Kimchi  You will be the king of underwater world”!? Elder kimchi said” So you asking me to take your place.” Queen Lydia said” yes My spirit must leave this world I dies long time ago. My people already said their good-byes. With tears in gift sadness and waiting for a new leader. and it you. Elder kimchi you are very young and gifted. With a daughter that came to your world the healer your daughter is coming to this world without protection. She will soon arrive to this planet and I know you don’t want your daughter to end up behind the monster’s  stomach.”!? Elder kimchi said” -_-” she’s arriving on this world this is not good.” Queen Jessica said”. I know it’s hard for you to decide. But I do. Need to leave this world >_< Every day I hear them calling me come home, come home my family needs me please. Elder kimchi I beg you to take my place!?” elder Kimchi said” -_- such a queen the begs on her knees for me to join the master fusion Emerald crystal. Very well, I do need to keep my eyes on this monster and my daughter is coming to this world will make no destruction of her life. The baby will not end up in the monster’s stomach over my dead body very well what should I do”!? When” I said yes, she actually teleported me to a place of a world of underwater. She told me you are very strong. And you will be a great king of the underwater. She told me the touch the master fusion emerald crystal I slowly walked upstairs as a proud king. And there was people around me they were dolphin people I, Scene in their eyes they were crying. It seems she was telling the truth They didn’t want her to go but. She wanted to go so I turn my head to front. And didn’t look at them. I continue walking up stairs as a proud soldier with my eyes closed and continue to walk upstairs as I got to the ends of stairs. The crystal was waiting for me the last step was to put my hands on that master fusion emerald crystal and become one With it. every time I went upstairs, I vision my daughter as that monster had her in his hands it got me more, and more, upset and scared this something is going to happen to her one day. And I’m not going to let that happen, I got very mad at that moment vision” zare said” Your minds baby healer katie. Prepare to be dinner your father is not here to save you too bad for elder kimchi.” Elder kimchi said” you will not win Zare))))))) That’s when he became one with the fusion emerald crystal and the Queen Lydia disappeared. His body was restored in the master fusion emerald crystal And that’s how it happened” Baby greed said” (*^-^*) So You are restored This is a miracle your body is restored.”!? Elder kimchi said” how did you know about me” Sonic said” Tikal Told us about you. You once stopped zare and curse him with your sword” elder kimchi said.” Well some of that is right. I did have a little help from a baby the healer held my sword and we both went to his heart. And curse him together as family. So you know about my history. Very well. So Sonic. It is time for you to become something new Are you ready to become one with baby greed to be hero to stopping this monster. Is already attacking the city he is turning everyone into zombies, and demons, it’s happening all over again. Are you ready Sonic to stop him” sonic said” yes” elder kimchi said” then it is time for baby greed to become something of an energy it is time for him to become one with you. And unlock your true power your true strength And awaken the legend that it’s in you Sonic and baby greed. To them. Let us begin Sonic it is time to become a great legend of the fusion crystals. Join together open your power and release your true fury.” Baby greed and  Sonic turn in to energy balls blue and green  energy balls. The Chaos Emerald was released from Sonic. The Chaos Emeralds was becoming one with baby greed. Own they both connected to each other all 7 and they grew big. All 7 Chaos Emeralds were fused now they started to spin. Sonic energy. And baby greed energy. Started to spin around the master Fusion emerald crystal. As they continue to spin around the master fusion emeralds crystal. Some of the fusion emerald crystals  Was going inside of the Sonics energy ball. And also baby greed energy. Ball lightning struck the before those two an earthquake started And Sonic and the baby greed energy ball stopped. When they slowly and fatly. Went to each other a music explosion as they collided. against each other lightning an earthquake everything going crazy. It was like colors against each other And the final test was the master fusion emeralds crystal wants inside the energy ball. Then the energy ball got bigger some gold eyes leered and that Energy ball a sound came out of nowhere. It sounded like a monster but that was Sonic’s voice. All of a sudden a giant hand came out of the energy ball Then his second hand came out and then another voice came out of nowhere It got louder Then the roar)))) started and his whole entire body came out he broke free from the energy ball. He was call Super Mega, ultimate legend Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend orc. Is level Maximum the final legend has been born all of a sudden an axe appeared. It was called the chaos axe emerald. Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend orc He grabbed the axe and cut through the nightmare And then the nightmare just disappeared. He fell in the city square highway. Big be on the cities zare and doom was right there at Sonic the Elder Hedgehog legend orc. Zare send” The legend has returned but. Wait, that hair. Your greed the Hedgehog but wait you are that baby how did you escape the nightmare. That was one of my powerful spells it wouldn’t matter You are ready too late to save it. Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Said” You destroyed millions of people from every single galaxy and planet you’re going to be punish what you have done I’m going to tear you apart. And you have killed all the children from the other planet That you absorbed there energy and power you’re going to be sorry what you done. to them all” zare said” that sounds like kimchi. You’re still alive. In there after you was destroyed in the galaxy” Doom said” such a weakling. I like saying that When you said that to him before, but I wanted to tell you. Sonic we planted vampire in the Mystic Ruins and he’s going to take control of the Master Emerald soon” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend orc” oh no o_o” vampire”!? Doom said oh yes Soon as vampire takes control of the Master Emerald you will all become monsters and this world is ours.” Zare said” you know what. I’d like you.  You are a good team with me” doom said” thank you I am”!? Zare said” you’re not going to get vampire. You’re going to be torn to shreds!” They both roared at each other and the game start it


Zare Said” Doom noooo…!?” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc said” Your reign of terror of destroying this city ends here Zare, and doom,!” Zare said” Kimchi Sonic and baby greed I will destroy you three. There is no end to me but there is always a way to destroy this world. And I know how to do It.!” Doom Said” do it destroyed them all.” Zare said doom you’re okay. You heroes are going to pay for this I’m taking this planet down with me. Let’s go doom.” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc said” No he’s heading towards space. But I can’t fly. That is not good. What are we going to do” Ashley the African hedgehog said”-_- It seems you’re in trouble again and you need my help.” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc said” Ashley the future teller what is our future if we destroy him.” Ashley said. Asking for question this. ( ̄ー ̄) Facts I can give you that. This is your future you 3 you have to figure that out on your own its following your future right now. And I see that you need my help it seems you need my mirror jewels. To transform into a final legend ultimate master. Tikal said” this is it. Time for you to become the ultimate legend no one can stop.” Sonic the Elder Hedgehog legend Orc said” you’re still alive. That means the Master Emerald still protected” Tikal said Yes the commandos and Knuckles has rescued the Master Emerald and vampire is locked up in the base to never be released he is in a Prison for all eternity. Life behind the base in the Mystic Ruins. Behind bars for a long time.” Ashley said” I have a feeling about that creature. terrible thing is going to happen to this planet if you don’t hurry. Are you ready legends to become something greater that way you can go and stop him for good. This ends now this creature has been torturing dreams giving baby greed the worst nightmare of is life destroyed all of his people on the other side. of are galaxy is no more But you chose to be his new son thank you. Sonic for taking him in as your family. But we cannot talk anymore. It is time for you to be fused with these the 12 mirror jewels” to make you become even greater this is all what is left for you time to open up your true power even more  Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc said Ashley.. Tikal Ashley said” it is time sonic don’t worry your friends are safe behind the barrier they’re being protected in the base it is up to you three to stop him for good go up there and be a hero.” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc said” I am ready” Ashley said” Very well Sonic the Elder Hedgehog legend orc mirror. Jewels grant them the power. Of your strength unlocks the first sealed of the mirror power.” Nobody heard about them mirror jewels powers. Some say the mirror jewels powers a far greater than the Master Emerald. That hold so much color diamonds. But they are a mystery of strength and power but now Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc Can finally see its true power for the first time. The mirror jewel starts to release a lot of flow of energy that lights Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc so bright. He is changing colors like crazy. As it continues to spend and give so much delight to him it’s amazing what you can see the whole entire floor starts to shake. Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Orc Is turning into something greater his hair gets longer it goes really back. He’s turning white his eyes are starting to become light blue. And it starts to change color the mirror and jewels becomes one. Amazing light flash and its fields the sky. Everything turns white a big bright light goes directly towards the city and passes it through. I hope they close their eyes because it’s really bright he transforms into Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc. -_- o_o Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc said” (ˇ_ˇ) Thank you Ashley I will take him down for this. He’s not going to destroy this planet on my hands.” Amazing as he jumps he is blazing speed he speeding through the sky like a laser. He’s going so fast like a blazing lightning As Sonic the Elder Hedgehog legend super hyper Orc speed directly into space. Zare is creating something big that it will blow the planet into sky high. He’s targeting the planet with his hands his hand starts to fill up with so much darkness and evil. It’s turning black a big giant energy ball starts to get big. He’s creating something big. And he’s targeting the planet with it, that’s when he arrives to stop him Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc knocks zare in the face His hands drops the dark evil energy ball. And the ball just goes flying crazy into the galaxy. Zare said” You inferior pig you stop my attack you monster. This is new you inferior when you became. More different.?” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc said” This is where it ends you are going to be put you down.!” Zare said” put down that is very something on my wish list it could never happen.” doom said” oh >_<” Zare said” Hang in there we will stop this monster I’m going to continue trying to make a striking blow. Towards the planet?”  Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc said” really we’ll see about that. I will not allow you to destroy this planet. Like you did to the other side of the galaxy. Zare said” ha ha ha ha ha.!?” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend super hyper Orc said” Why are you laughing!?” zare said” ha ha ha the people. On the other side of the galaxy felt my power. They were nothing but weaklings all their. Children really not a target to me. But they wouldn’t tell me where he was. So I slaughter them all and turn their baby. Into monsters. Like me to find him.” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc Said” why do you want baby greed so much he didn’t do anything to you.” Zare said” oh really but he did After that simple Torture of my body that he cursed me on that tree. I just said I’ll get my revenge on you to. I will come back for You ultimate life form and your baby it is also an ultimate mega life form that. Is in you Sonic His ancestors dead but now is the last one I’m hunting. Is your baby They bring me into this world. And made a mistake of doing that they cause me to become a monster. To destroy the outskirts of the following are orcs. They were planning to destroy our people. The people that poured the poison on a bunny did turn him into me. And they destroyed. my mom and father after that striking blow killing her, and my father, I’m getting. my revenge because of them. They destroyed my mom and father that’s son is a part of their blood of his ancestor and he it will. Be destroyed for this I’m getting my revenge. I will hunt him down for this. and I found him. The baby is one of them. That!” Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc Said” (・A・) that means you are one of the legions of the nesters!?” zare Said” yes I am we were the cyber strikers of the colony towers that rises to the clouds that baby was the one who attacked our people. I’m one of the last of them left I’m getting. My revenge what he has done to ours. People they took our land and took over, the planet and destroyed all of our people. And turn me into this. Now remember sonic if you hand, him over to me I will finish him off and I will leave your planet alone never to see me. Ever again. I will drift, in the galaxy, enjoy my life start a new civilization. On the other side of the galaxy. Just give him to me and I’m going away from this world. And everything will disappear all of the monster, with become people again everything turned back to normal what do you say.!?” Sonic Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend Super hyper Orc said” I want you to know.” Zare baby greed was never in that war he was. Attacking by  the orcs people he was protecting his planet they were the detectors they had no intentions to attacking you. The orcs were the ones who attack your people and the healers because you were the one who killed them all. They were after you and you knew the, baby with the answer to destroy you one day Tikal Told me about you. But if he really. Did that he still innocent, he was never. A part of the fight. he (╬◣д◢) and he was just a baby))))) That couldn’t fight, but being in a crib asleep. And plus I will never hand him over to you even is he was a bad hedgehog like baby Gaius.”!? Zare said” so this is. what the guardian is to protecting his own child. Well legend it’s time for you to say goodbye to your planet just tried to stop meet. I would Just hold. Every attacks that you make  gives me enough time. And enough power to destroy your planet. Come get me you legend inferior time is ticking ha ha ha haaaa!?” and then the game started


Zare said this cannot>_<; be noo Sonic and baby greed diffuse they you up all the energy to stopping zare, the master fusion emerald crystal, and the rest of. them has disappeared, back into the planet underwater, turn to stone to regenerate their energy but the big one has returned back to the waters, Super Sonic and super baby greed as diffused back to level 1They turned to stone for 3 months before they can be used again The fusion crystals are very powerful using up all the energy, could turn the stone, for the big one won’t be one of them But don’t worry the only turn to stone because the mastered Fusion emerald crystal join them That’s why they turn to stone but if master fusion emerald crystal didn’t join them they wouldn’t turn, to stone they have unlimited energy only if the. master fusion emerald crystal, didn’t join them, they wouldn’t turn to stone, It is very difficult, to spot the fusion emerald crystal When Its turn to stone, Super Baby Greed said We did it daddy, but he still floating in space like a fish What’s the matter daddy, you don’t look so happy. Super Sonic Said -\-* Stay next to me greed, I think he’s not finished, zare said>.< oh grr those’ rotten ape. Super Baby Greed said Daddy, he’s getting up what are we going to do zare said Well, now it seems you’re not strong, anymore you’re back to being small little flies I had dinner waiting on the table did I’m going  Finally, feast on your body little baby, Baby greed said >;_;< Daddy he is going to eat me, don’t let him eat, me supersonic said don’t worry, he’s not coming near you I’ll make sure. Of that Zare said Really little one You think your father is going to protect you I think not Come to me Baby greed said daddy)))) >;_;<  supersonic, punched Zare on the stomach really, hard Zare said (oдolll) oh no baby greed said (;_;)?! you Turned into super hyper Super hyper Sonic said, You want to make another move Zare said>_<^_^ yes, Sonic I did I froze your feet’s and that really tough to break it Can’t not break free from that it’s one of my strongest powers Super hyper Sonic said (#゚Д゚) oh noo greed  run))) Zare said, I don’t think so gates of wall))))))) There is no escape little one say your, last breath To see this world one last time and, your superpowers cannot hold me All those nightmares, are finally coming true to you they were all this time sonic said leave him alone baby greed Daddy help meeeee zare help me Help me help yourself when you get into my stomach come here baby greed said let go, meee, zare said Come here I want your, daddy, to see you in my stomach and come out as a monster like me Sonic look at your son one last time all those tears coming from his face he smells so delicious and I think he did something even better it’s going to be delicious green filet Super hyper Sonic said You will not get away with this zare said Oh really white, hedgehog I am getting, away with it there is no one out here can stop me.And once he becomes one of me he’s going to call me daddy, and guess what he’s going to do next he’s going to take you and devour you as dinner the baby needs to eat and, the baby does have a big mouth once he becomes one of me you will fit, just right in a baby stomach ha ha ha baby greed said. I will not eat you daddy I promise zare said, Won’t eat him you have no other choice you go crazy for something, to eat a baby needs to eat Once you become one of me you can remember who you are you actually died. And then become possessed by me You will, lose control of yourself for something to eat,zare said Say goodbye to the protector greed  baby greed said daddy help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhh…….  Super hyper Sonic said (; ゚Д゚) noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shadow the Rock Master said chaos transfer control Tikal Ashley now))))) Zare said what my dinner, noooo baby greed said, Thank You shadow you save me shadow the Rock Master said I only saved you because I have a true Revenge, when you grow up and I’m coming after you when you grow up I want nothing to happen to my. Adversary, zare you cross the line with my adversary do it now Tikal Ashley))))) This where it ends evil creature trying Destroy this whole entire galaxy and the baby is your last day of light Zare said What, do you mean by that My last day of light Ashley said Your future ends. Here you’re never going, to get him and destroyed. Everyone, all the people on the world and galaxy and now you want to take this one out it’s not going to happen this is your last day of light Tikal said, what we are talking about creature of the darkness evil monster of demons Master. Emerald come forth, Ashley said  Master of the Mirror jewel of the second sealed come forth zare said ヽ(`Д´)ノ What, is this, hokey pokey ahhh noo, let. Go my arms Tikal said this is where it takes you never to. Return you going, to be locked away for a long time in the Master Emerald and the Ashley said and the sealed would lock. away completely up the mirror jewels zare said, You can’t hold me this thing is not strong enough to put me in there Ashley said, shadow I need you to destroy the ice with freezing sonic shoes I need his help Shadow said very well, move little baby of my adversary, chaos spear shadow broke the ice of Sonic shoes Super hyper Sonic said Thanks, Shadow said my target, not. You, Sonic. the Baby is when he grows up I’m coming after him but a watch him because, he’s going, to get up beating from me Ashley Tikal said hold him put, him in there we need your help Shadow said yes)) Super hyper Sonic said ? Shadow said Come on Sonic I don’t want my Adversary to be on a plate in his stomach Baby greed said Okay let’s get him Shadow said I don’t think, so Baby greed Stay here. don’t go any closer to him baby greed said But you need my help shadow said don’t you worry we can take care of it where you need to be is in your crib and grow up, when you get back home Amy putting, you to bed he, baby greed said (* – -)* oh man  I hate, you shadow. Zare said where are you doom I need your help? Very well I will take the bugs down shadow the Rock Master said oh, really. take this Doom, doom said (oдolll) ahhhh zare said doom noooo shadow the Rock Master said I hope, you enjoyed the sealed with him Zare said (*´>д<) I will not be a prisoner of the sealed, without taking somebody with me and I chose him And the second story game mode started ***Completed***

.The final fight destruction of a city square [[1]] ***Completed***

.Galaxy destruction targeting planet Earth [[2]] ***Completed***

The End 1 Baby greed fell in the water los baby of Sonics son [[3]]

Shadow encounters Jessabelle

Sonic and baby greed new heroes have saved the world the end

The End Amy’s house in the baby’s room calls coming in The End of the Game

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